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Too Busy Sleeping


A book is born long before it exists on the shelves of a book store. Books are born into the hearts of those who write them years before that day.

Still when the day does finally arrive and the book is sitting on those book store shelves the feeling must be out-of-this-world-amazing. I sat across the room and watched as Zanni Louise’s dream came to life. All gathered in the gorgeous The Little Bookroom Too Busy Sleeping was launched. We sang Happy Birthday, Zanni read to the little ones gathered at her feet and all the while the Universe stirred its magic in the room.

When the festivities were over and it was time for book signings and chit-chat my heart almost leapt out of my throat talking to Zanni. For her energy was electric. I could feel how overwhelmed, relieved and excited she was, all the while watching the room spin and people gather in a sense of disbelief. And I say disbelief because the moment was very real, so real that it hovered on the edge of falling into a fairy tale.

Zanni’s fairy tale is a beautiful one to read. Little Eleanor and tiny Reuben have stolen the hearts of my boys and to be true they have stolen my heart too. For while their story plays out in a way that captures the essence of family, delicately shows us the stir of emotions felt when we bring a new baby home and shows us the importance of the first moments of sibling love, for me another story unfolds between the lines.


In between the lines a story weaves that teaches all of us to follow our dreams, listen to that inner voice and take a chance on ourselves. For with each line I read and page I turn Zanni’s dream floats away from the pages and into the dim lit bedroom.

In that moment it feels as if Eleanor is peering in through the bedroom door watching us read our bedtime story and Reuben is only down the hall too busy sleeping. They have both come to life because Zanni once believed they would.  Perhaps that is the most powerful lesson to learn from this precious little book, dreams have the power to come to life, change us and make us believe that everything is possible. Babies and families have that same power over us too.


So if you find yourself looking for a new bedtime story to read or better still looking for a gift to give to a special little someone in your life, take a moment to pick up Too Busy Sleeping from the book store shelf. You will not be disappointed.

For a good book does not only entertain you. A good book nourishes you. A good book takes you by the hand and leads you into a world where your heart lives out on your sleeve. A good book makes you feel like the world you have escaped into is just as real as the one you started from.

Welcome to the world Eleanor and Reuben, for once you only danced in your mother’s dreams. Now you dance in the minds of little children as they drift off to sleep and nestle deep into a special place in their hearts.


Disclosure: Zanni generously sent me a copy of Too Busy Sleeping before it was launched and we have been reading her story at bedtime since. However, the copy I am giving away is one I bought myself. I bought it at Zanni’s book launch. For it is not only good manners to buy a book at a launch, it is not every day you get the chance to stand in a book store, pick up a book and know that a dear friends dream comes alive within its pages. Zanni signed the copy I am giving away, which only makes it more special x


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  • I am very overwhelmed Josefa by these beautiful words and images of the book. It was so wonderful to meet you in person. Though I feel like I already know you so well! Thank you for this xxx

  • That’s awesome!!! Well done Zanni Louise! Great post Josefa …
    I’m already following my dreams. Similar dreams (it seems) as Zanni …

  • I was lucky enough to win a copy of Zanni’s book on her blog. And it is so beautiful. I gifted it to our Miss 10, to remind her how special the relationship between her and Miss 7 is. We all love it. Zanni is one special writer.

    • Aw xx

    • I think picture books for older children and even adults are often overlooked but are just as important as they are for younger children xx

  • Beautiful words about a beautiful book. My kids are loving Too busy sleeping and ask for it every night. My little Mr now finishes the sentences – “too busy sleeping” and he woke up the other morning and said mummy I’ve been too busy sleeping! So cute. Xx

  • Oh I was so bummed I missed all this book fun with Zanni in Melbourne! Babies steal all the fun don’t they? 🙂 I can’t wait to get my copy. It looks just gorgeous.

  • I won’t enter as I don’t have kids, but it looks like a gorgeous book and the artwork… beautiful!

    • The artwork is simply stunning, a perfect marriage with the beautiful words of this book x

  • I would love to see my own manuscript, currently in its second draft, come to life. For those characters to make a difference to someone else.
    Beautifully said, Josefa. Books are amazing in how they captivate us; what a privilege it is to use words.

    • I really like the idea of words being a privilege to use Jess, and I’m sure that dream will come true… xx

  • I received my copy today in the mail. I can’t wait to read it tonight to Esther. And this post is a beautiful review. Josefa you have an amazing way with words! Xx

  • I can almost feel the electricity that would have been in the room at that book launch, so happy for Zanni.

  • Oh how wonderful to be there for the launch! So excited for Zanni. #TeamIBOT

  • Beautiful post, Josefa. I love the insider look at The Little Bookroom launch too. I hope to see Zanni when she comes to Brisbane. I bought the book for the girls and I love it so much and it seems so precious to me because I’ve followed Zanni’s journey, that I won’t let the girls put it on their bookshelf lol!

    • I think following Zanni all along for these years did make it extra special for me too – I tell my boys “mummy’s friend” wrote this book and they think that is the best thing ever!

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