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When your cake smash doesn’t go according to plan

When my godson turned one, his mum asked me if I would like to photograph him in a cake smash photo shoot. Of course I said yes – I was so excited and thought it would be the best thing ever.
We set up the bunting, foil balloon, gorgeous cake, bow tie for the birthday boy, checked the lighting, looked through the #cakesmash hashtag on Instagram for inspiration, camera ready and … my godson was hysterical from the minute he touched the cake.

He was screaming and crying, madly crawling away from the cake. Both his mum and I were shocked. We tried everything to make him smile and encourage him to smash the cake, dancing around and being silly.

Nothing worked. He just was not into it.
We postponed the shoot for the next day … and the next day he did it again.

His mum wanted the cake smash images to frame and use at his birthday party, so, like all good mums, we faked it. We smeared cake on the floor, crumbled up cupcakes, broke up his cake, and in the moments he wasn’t crying I snapped just enough images to make his mum happy.
The end result was a hashtag you never see on social media: #cakesmashEpicFail.

This article first appeared in Essential Baby, to read the rest, click here.

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