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Three mums launch Melbourne’s first children’s festival

Melbourne is packed with amazing international, cultural, and music events, but three mums noticed one glaring gap in the city’s culture scene – there was no inner-city music festival designed especially for kids. This inspired Jo Bertrand to join forces with Jane Calvert and Zoe Shurgold to create Playfest – a two day music festival for kids.

While Jane and Zoe were old high school friends, it took Jo, who Zoe met in London, to make the Playfest idea a reality. “I had been involved in setting up Lollibop and Camp Bestival in the UK and couldn’t believe something like that hadn’t taken off in Melbourne yet,” shares Jo.

But before there was Playfest, there was Pozible. One campaign set up by the three mums to fund their dream of a kid’s music festival. “We needed the Pozible campaign funds to pay the deposit on the venue and get some headline artists booked in,” says Jo.

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