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The day my son started a fire

Put yourself in the shoes of a young boy. You’re holding a large multi-packet of chips you can’t open. Mum is doing the washing and your older brother is watching TV. Do you walk out of the pantry and ask one of them to help you? Or do you grab the barbeque igniter from the kitchen drawer and try to melt the chip packet open?

My son, in a split second of what he must have thought was pure ingenuity, reached for the barbeque igniter. What happened next was a domino effect of catastrophe: the packet of chips caught on fire, so he dropped it into a box of other food packets, which also caught on fire. The box was a large plastic storage container, which caught on fire. By now, my son had run out of the pantry screaming.

This article first appeared in Essential Baby, to read the rest, click here.

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