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How to rock a sleeveless dress at any age

Here’s the thing; the older I get the more of my body I seem to cover up.

Sure part of this mindset is maturity and that I no longer want to run around in tiny skirts and crop tops, aka the era of my late teens. But part of this mind set is also the fear that I can’t wear certain things, all because of my age and the way my body has changed with that age.

Dresses are rarely the tight fitting variety and more the loose flowing variety. Jeans have a great deal more elastic and if I can layer, then layer I will in an attempt to hide all the imperfections.

Winter is somewhat easier to manage, but with spring and then summer only around the corner the same battles start up again in my head. “You can’t wear this and you can’t wear that.” This winter I need to shed that attitude. I need to stop thinking that my body is not good enough.

So maybe the best place to start is sleeveless dresses; a fashion faux paus in the minds of many women over thirty. The fashion police dictate that arms that aren’t toned, tanned and are prone to sweating need to remain hidden. I call bulls**t on this.

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