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Kids who meet milestones at their own pace

Driving home from The Wiggles concert, my son was dressed from head to toe in a Wiggles outfit, holding a flashing Dorothy the Dinosaur torch and his Wags the Dog plush toy. The Wiggles CD was playing in the car and I was singing along, chatting to him about the concert, asking all sorts of questions. And from the back seat there was only silence.

My son was two years old, and other than “mummy” and “daddy” he didn’t speak.

That day my heart broke into little pieces. I wanted to know what my son thought about the concert. I wanted to hear if he had fun or not. Yes, he’d danced, wiggled and clapped all throughout the concert, wearing a smile on his face that took a week to dim. But his lack of words – our lack of conversation – was only giving rise to my anxiety. I was afraid that something was wrong.

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