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‘I am home, but mother-of-two Andrea Lehane will never come home.’

Milk, bread and blueberries are what we often run out of on a daily basis. These are the things I usually duck out to the local shops to buy almost every day.

Actually, my two boys and I just came back from the shops, we bought our milk, bread and blueberries, picked up some fish and chips for lunch and now we are home. That is the part filled with so much heaviness at the moment. I am home, mother-of-two Andrea Lehane will never come home.

Last week on Wednesday afternoon Andrea was at Carrum Downs shopping centre, possibly buying the last minute things her family needed for dinner. As she walked to her car, the only thing she would have been expecting was to be home moments later.

Instead the worst of tragedies unfolded.

This article first appeared in Mamamia, to read the rest, click here.

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