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Why is it so hard to RSVP to a child’s party?

Ten invitations, 10 kids and no RSVP’s! With one week to go until my son’s party I started to panic – what if no-one really was coming? How would my nine-year-old cope? How would I cope?

I went into mummy-stealth mode and my mission was to hunt down the RSVP’s one by one. For the parents who I had a phone number to, I sent a quick text message to see if they were coming. For the mums I accidentally on purpose bumped into in the school yard a ‘oh-by-the-way-are-you-guys-coming-to-the-party?’

And this is the part that made me a little angry, if not annoyed. All the answers were ‘of course, yes, we wouldn’t miss it!’

So I cannot help but beg the questions why parents, why didn’t you RSVP?

This article first appeared in Essential Kids, to read the rest, click here.


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