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Eight things every parent needs to know about tantrums

Catatonic with sleep deprivation, I stared at my then two-year-old as he lay sprawled in the middle of the food court at our local shopping centre, throwing the tantrum of all tantrums. At my wit’s end, I simply walked away. 

It was early morning, so the shopping centre was quiet. I sat myself down a few tables away and waited for the explosion of toddler anger and frustration to pass. 

What had caused all the drama? My little bundle of joy was writhing on the floor over the fact that I was attempting to buy him a new pair of sneakers. The problem was that he still wanted his old ones (“Just make bigger, Mummy!”). 

Nothing joins parents in unity more than the tantrum; there’s the same fear in their eyes as they stare at their little one spinning uncontrollably in a frenzy. Not universal, however, is our expectations of these tantrums. Here are eight things every parent needs to know to tackle the toddler tantrum. 

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