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12 questions to ask before choosing a preschool

“A duck cannot be black, a duck must be yellow” and with that the teacher grabbed the colouring sheet, scrunched it up, threw it in the bin and handed out another one. “Start again,” she told him “and make sure it is yellow.” I sat across the table, watching, stunned into silence. I was on duty that day – at my son’s preschool. Silently and diligently the children were busy completing their set activities but in that moment, the school I had researched so carefully, applied for with hopeful expectations, suddenly came apart at the seams.

When looking for a prospective school, we attended open days, information sessions and met with future principals. We asked lots of questions and tried to find our way in a sea of answers. When the decision was finally made we felt a huge sense of relief that we had found a school that would be great for our son and met our philosophy about education.

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