Conversations over Coffee

Conversations with Time

Time is the silent gatekeeper and the only immortal of this life. With each stroke through the seconds and the minutes another moment is defined.

I have never been a friend of time. We kept each other at bay. A distance I found solace in as I grew in apprehension of what lay in wait.

The idea that time dictated growing up and growing older was never something I felt comfortable with. Knowing that the inevitable, the unknown, the end lay in the hands of time.

Yet it seems that as I have grown older time is slowly becoming a friend. No longer something I fear or shun away in apprehension.

Time is the old gatekeeper. While it may seem that he is shroud in mystery, grey and can feel like the impending rain. The gatekeeper instead is the one who warms our hearts and soothes our souls as we rest at night. Casting away the yesterday and giving rise to the tomorrow.

Perhaps in each of us is a thread connected to time. A thin, almost invisible thread that is strong and unbreakable. In the hands of the gatekeeper each thread is grasped tight. A connection that we cannot deny, a connection we cannot escape.

For even in our passing the thread remains. When we think the thread has been severed and disconnected it is still there, strong and resilient in the hands of the gatekeeper. The thread is a permanent connection to the memories and the moments that exist well beyond our life.

My thoughts find their rest in time and its ability to transcend through me and with me. There is no fear to be had in that which is greater than us. And time is greater than all of us.

While in my youth I shunned away from this old gatekeeper, in my growing age I accept his invitation to dance. For that is what life is an open invitation to dance.

The dance floor lies in wait and orchestra at the ready.


Do you throw the bed covers over your head and hide?
Or do you accept time’s invitation to dance?


Conversations over Coffee returns Thursday May 28, 2015.
Conversations with a Suitcase ~ everyone is welcome.

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