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Conversations with Superpowers

I entered a competition, not too long ago, which asked one simple question: if you could have one superpower what would it be. Surprisingly, so many answers said they wanted the power of invisibility. Others asked to be able to read people’s minds. Many asked for the power to fly. My answer was raw and instinctive: I wanted the power to alleviate all sickness in the world. Turns out I won the competition.

Superpowers can be a tricky thing for we almost always associate them with superheros. Then it can become impossible to decide which persona you would prefer. While it can be nice to live in the fantasy of being Wonder Woman or Cat Woman, I wonder in our reality what superpowers do we already have and which ones do we crave for most.


Resilience: the human story is not one without pain, without difficulty or struggle. To overcome those times of struggle, while we may have had to show strength, we almost certainly have had to show resilience. Whether we had to find our way through a troubled youth, or manage an uncertain and difficult relationship, resilience is something we often overlook as being our sword in times of trouble. To be here today we have had to show some resilience in the face of our adversity, the power to pull it all together and just keep pushing through.


Patience: not one story of parenthood can be told without patience. The sheer exhaustion and sleep deprivation of those early moments can drive many to breaking point. Yet, patience gets us through. Patience holds the hand of those working hard to achieve a dream, studying late into the night, toiling long hours in their job or climbing that metaphoric mountain to seek enlightenment. Patience is the power that rises through the earth into us and threads like silver string keeping everything together, connected.


Belief: the power to believe is perhaps the greatest superpower we have. Whether you subscribe to the doctrines of religion, faith or spiritual healings, we all believe in something that is greater than who we are. Even being someone who does not subscribe to traditional beliefs, we wholeheartedly throw ourselves into a story that becomes the foundation to our life. For those who do believe in the Almighty, the Angels or the Universe, the power of that belief underwrites all that exists in our life, offering us everything we could possibly need and we believe that it is enough.


For me I continue to seek the power to be humble. I look to find a way to quieten the voices in my mind. To silence the beating drum of my ego. I have good intentions, but on some days my good intentions fail to be enough. So in my every day I seek the power to always be humble and to let the softness of my spirit and the whisperings of my heart guide all my decisions. Be what defines the path that I choose and shape the way that I connect with others.

We each already hold so many superpowers. Look within and tell me, what is your greatest superpower? And what superpower do you seek the most? Or if you like, what superhero do you want to be?


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