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What Defines a Family

Three days spent in San Remo. Three days to just be. An openness to let life stall on hold, while we sat and watched the ocean. Eating, drinking and sharing conversations. A weekend spent just being family.

San Remo

What is family? The complexity of the answer can leave you twisted in riddles.

Family is waking up to the smell of breakfast cooking. Scrambled eggs. Bacon. Hash browns served in a colander. Toast and strawberries.

What Defines a Family What Defines a Family

What Defines a Family

Family is blueberry pancakes. Made to imperfection. Family is claiming the last one just for you.

What Defines a Family

What Defines a Family

Family is finding treasures and exploring. Sharing imaginations. Escaping together.

What Defines a Family

Family is too many photos. Each image capturing a moment. Telling a story.

What Defines a Family

Family is holding hands. Holding hands in prayer together, across oceans. Holding hands together, across the fence.

What Defines a Family

Family is spending weeks busy and consumed in our own lives, then being able to pick up again like we only saw each other yesterday.

What Defines a Family

Family is both the path you travel on and the destination.

My family is the burden that I carry and the solace to my soul. From behind the camera I capture the memories, immortalising each one. Yet, the images are empty without the people. People who can tell the stories. Stories that have no room for ego or hate. Stories that are shared with one common connection, family.

As time passes and our road trips continue the destinations will keep changing. The moments will always be different. The memories may even fade. But the soul will never forget just how important it is to have family. Just how important it is to keep adding links to the chain.

 How do you define family?

  • I like to think of family as not only blood relatives, but a few close friends also. You can tell who these friends are when it doesn’t matter how much time passes between catch ups – you chat like you’ve never been apart. On the weekend, we officially invited two more friends into our family fold asking them to be godparents of our children. It was a very special event.

    I love your pictures Josefa. Very beautiful.

  • That is beautiful Josefa. I love your devotion to the importance of family. No matter how big or small, or in what form it takes family should be our oxygen, our life blood. My little family is mine x

  • Alison @ The Thrifty Issue

    We have a huge extended family … not all blood related. Family are the ones that are with you through thick and thin. Lovely to read your post. Thanks, Alison #IBOT

  • Gorgeous photos! You are also making me hungry! 🙂

  • Kate // Finlay and Rose

    Love this Josefa!! What a beautiful post! Family to me is just everything, it’s the good with the bad, the tears with the laughter and all the fun bits in between 🙂 xx

  • Wow, your house is the place to be for breakfast! Those were beautiful words on family. There isn’t anything more important than your little team, your unit and your people. I was only just doing a dance around the kitchen this morning to cheer up my littlest one at breakfast 🙂

  • Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! I have no words! Amen to every definition! Your family is very lucky to have you!!!

  • What a gorgous post! Family is just time together. Beautiful photos and inspiring words 🙂

  • Kaz @ MeltingMoments

    You have me welling up with tears. What a beautiful post!

  • Pip (@melbournelass)

    Beautiful words Josefa – and images – they add the other half of the picture to the story. Love the one of your big hand and his little hand, fending off the paparazzi.

  • Wow Josefa, that’s just beautiful.
    Love your devotion to family. It’s something we’ve never really had

  • What a beautiful post! I define family as unconditional love, and being comfortable and natural together. x

  • Kathy

    Lovely evocation of family Josefa – that last photo of you all is just beautiful and it certainly looks like you all love to eat! I wonder whether even the most beautiful images and words can ever capture the magic of a family’s love.

  • I love this – especially this sentence: Family is spending weeks busy and consumed in our own lives, then being
    able to pick up again like we only saw each other yesterday. Because that is exactly how my family is!

    This weekend just gone most of us met for a bonfire and BBQ at my sister’s (she lives an hour away). What a great time we had!

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    What an amazing post Josefa ! You have such a beautiful way with words – I love reading your posts !
    Family are the support system without which I would fail.
    Have the best day !

  • Deb @ In All Things

    This is so beautiful. Strong family connections are something I’ve always longed for – I only hope I can create that with my own children.

  • This is a beautiful post Josefa and what gorgeous photographs! Family is everything – your roots, your safe haven, the people who you can always feel safe to be your natural self with, your support and so much more. Like you, I am blessed with a large and wonderful family. Min xo

  • Nicki Grech

    Beautiful Josefa. Family is so, so important. I remember my roadtrips with the family when I was little and they are the strongest and happiest memories I have.

  • MissMandy

    I’ve never really understood photos without people. I love san remo and all that being near the beach brings.

  • Grace

    Gorgeous words, Josefa! Accompanied by beautiful images!
    Family can be many things and can be in many forms.
    To me, it’s ultimately about love and support.

  • This is such a gorgeous post Josefa and so so true. Family to me is love, all consuming, forgiving and gooey ooey gushy love. xx

  • Lovely post – and that last picture is just gorgeous.

  • Wendy Parks

    Love your definitions of family. To me family is knowing that I’m unconditionally loved, and if I feel that over chocolate it’s all the better 🙂

  • AllisonTaitWriter

    Aw sweet! Will you come round and make me some pancakes?? Yours are much better than mine!

  • Money Mummy

    Lovely post on such a wonderful topic.

  • Gorgeous musings on a topic I could read about for hours. I love your expression “solace to my soul”. Thank you for linking up this beautiful post. x

  • Those photos are gorgeous. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I have come over from Maxabella’s blog hop and am pleased to have found your blog!

  • Lynda @HomeleaLass

    Beautifully written.


  • Robyn (Mrs D)

    lovely post! My family is always there – regardless of the physical distance they never ever seem far away x

  • Beautifully written! I’m not going to try to define family, but I will say, I love those weekends away when the rest of life’s distractions are removed, and you can just Be, together. We don’t do it often, but you have reminded me of why we should make the time.

  • Lovely photos! Family is what drives you crazy but without which, you can’t live. Or at least, I can’t. Blood is thicker than water.

    Glad you’re enjoying your holiday!

  • Emily Morgan

    Beautiful and poetic. I especially loved your photo of holding your boy’s hand to watch the animals. How awe-inspiring is it that such a simple gesture can impart so much strength and love. Thanks for sharing.

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