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Maltese Figolli

When I think about my Dad, the first thing I think of is his hands. Strong hands. Scuffed and worn from a lifetime of work in the building industry. Hands that are starting to show signs of turning sixty later this year. Hands that are always willing to help. Dad’s hands are his most distinctive feature. These same hands that hold a hammer by day, also knead, whisk and bake the most incredible desserts by night.

Maltese Figolli

In my family’s kitchen, Mum takes the credit for cooking the family meals. However, if there is a dessert, cake, crumble or slice to be made, Dad is the one wearing the apron, rolling up his sleeves and wearing the hat of head pastry chef!

Maltese Figolli

Easter is my favourite time of the year for his cooking. Maltese culture and tradition calls him out of his work boots and into the kitchen to cook up delicacies that we are only privileged to enjoy once a year. From one Easter to the next, we all wait in anticipation for Dad’s Maltese figolli. In our big family, he is famous for his figolli and while I have tried many others, none are better than my Dad’s.

Maltese Figolli

Walking through the door of my parent’s house last weekend, I was overwhelmed with the sweet, buttery smell of pastry. A pastry that my Dad had combined with his own hands. Smooth, but not too soft. Lingering in the air was the aroma of roasted almonds.

Maltese Figolli

The figolli sat on the bench. All neatly packed and labelled. Each one bearing delicate piped icing decorations. The little chocolate eggs iced onto the top, the final touch. At just the sight of them, my mouth was watering. The taste of Maltese figolli is incredible.

Maltese Figolli

They are the perfect harmony between a moist, sweet filling and a soft, crumbly pastry. Yet, I would have to wait till Easter Sunday to eat mine. That is the rule and in my parent’s house – a rule that can never be broken.

Maltese Figolli

I don’t need a cup of coffee or tea to accompany some. They are perfect all on their own. I prefer mine without the piped icing. Dad makes some without and I love them so much – I hide them away and refuse to share!

Maltese Figolli

One Easter, I will have to make an effort to spend the day in the kitchen with Dad. To learn his little tricks and ways.

Maltese Figolli

One day, I hope to be able to make them myself – and I’ll be crossing my fingers that they taste half as good as my Dad’s.

Does your Dad have any secret talents?

  • How amazing. I love how food can tell stories about family relationships. I have never seen such things! xx

    • I love the idea of food telling stories about family relationships – so many of my families stories are centered around food xx

  • Sophie Allen

    How wonderful! This is so special, your family is so lucky, the children must feel so special to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful treat.

  • lydia C. lee

    That is impressive. Curious about the fish, is that a religious thing or just likes it? You don’t see a lot of fish biscuits

    • I think the fish is both religious and traditional – maybe because so many Maltese are fisherman back home?

  • wow, your dad sounds like a very clever cookie! lovely post Josefa. x

  • Rhianna

    oh bless. What a beautiful post. I wish I lived near you so I could come and try some, they sound so delicious. My dad, who was also a builder was great at pastry and cookie baking as well. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  • What’s in the filling Josefa? They look amazing!!

    • the filling is roasted almonds – which are then ground – and i’m going to guess egg whites? maybe sugar? goes to prove that next Easter I need to be wearing an apron and standing right beside him as he makes these xx

  • I’ve never had these despite my hubster’s family coming from Malta – they look yummy – and what a lovely tradition xxx

  • Oh yum! They look fabulous.

  • shari

    Ooooh Josefa, what a legend your Dad is!! They look sensational and you are so blessed to have a wonderful Easter tradition. Love it!! xx

  • Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    It runs in the family yes? Great pics!

    • not sure if it runs in the family yet – she who burned her finger reheating pizza tonight 🙁

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    My dad definitely does not have bakers hands. He can shoe a horse, or birth a cow, or build a deck, or fix a saddle, he might even be able to change a few tyres and build some fences …. he can also cook a sausage or a lamb chop … but a bit NO to these delightful desserts.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • oh, but all those things your Dad can do are amazing! xx

      • Leanne Shea Langdown

        Yes they are 🙂

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Your dad sounds wonderful – you are lucky! My dad can make awesome bubble and squeak but that’s about it – but there was nothing better for weekend breakfasts when i was growing up!

  • Yellow_Dandy

    These look so yum!! My dad makes a mean homemade chips and eggs, and is the king of the breakfast bbq, but nothing like this!! x Karen

  • TwitchyCorner

    I was already impressed at the building AND baking… but then I wasn’t expecting the decoration as well! Kudos to him and to you for having such a clever dad- the piping and colour literally being the icing on the cake!

    My Dad’s special talent involves being particularly unbreakable. He travels inhospitable places, through dessert and snow, rides a motorbike, skis, breaks bones *daughter shakes head* but just keeps going. Always, keeps going.

  • Loree

    My dad does wood-work but you will never catch him baking or cooking 🙂 Aren’t figolli the best? The home made ones are extra special and delicious.

  • toushka

    so cute! They look delicious too!

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