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The idea of immortality had never really crossed my mind. Except, when discussing Brad Pitt’s character in the movie Troy and whether Achilles’ was immortal. That was, until I had my boys.


I often find myself watching them as they play, as they run havoc in circles around me, even as they lay cuddled on the couch watching TV and I wonder what they will remember about me. I wonder more so, what will I remember about my own parents? What do I remember about my grandparents? More so, what do I really know about any of them?

The romantic in me would like to climb up the stairs to an attic. Find an old, dusty wooden chest, filled with leather bound, soft, journals etched with my grandmothers writing. I would sit there, in the diffused sunlight and soak in the words that made up the tapestry of who she was. But there is no attic. No wooden chest. No stories of her struggles as a mother, raising six children on her own.


Boxes of old photos fill my life. The stack of digital photo albums sitting in the corner of my bedroom continually grows. Yet, these photographs only tell part of the story. The images are immortal. But the story can be lost.

So here I am – with my words and my blog. My mind wonders about being immortal and having an eternal voice. Not in the way of Achilles’ transcending history. But in a way that exists forever, in black and white.


I do want immortality. I want my voice to carry forward to the generations of my family to come. I do want my children to look back on my writings, and have an insight into what their mother felt or thought. I especially want my grandchildren to have the chance to understand and know who I was.

So I sit here with my words. Powerful, honest words. I know that they will be immortal, and therefore, in a way, so will I.

What stories do you tell your children? Why do you blog?

  • Lydia C. Lee

    Interesting question. I have no idea why I blog. Maybe that’s clear in the blog. I need to think about this some more…

  • Rhianna

    I had never really thought about the whole immortalness of my words before. I blog because I drea. Of being a writer and blogging lets me feel like there is a chance of my dreams coming true

  • Mumabulous

    I blog for the joy of writing and the connections I’ve made in the blogging community. No other reason.

  • Sophie Allen

    I blog so the boys will have something to look back on. I blog for family to stay connected with our goings on. I blog to display my photos. I blog because I am loving the community I have found here.

    Lovely post Josefa, again, you have a beautiful way with words.

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    I started blogging because I’d always talked about writing but never really done anything about it. Now it has become a real passion, I love blogging community and the interactions on line and in real life. And yes, like you say, it’s a great way to preserve some memories!

  • I see my blog as my playground where I can express myself creatively. While my boys do feature it is not about them or for them. It is the one thing I have that is just for me and I am rapidly realising how much that adds to my life 🙂

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I blog because I was looking for support to lose weight. My focus has changed but the support that I get through here really keeps me going some days. I blog about issues that I have in the hope that I may be able to help someone else with the same issues or just to let people know that they are not alone, there ARE other people who are going through similar issues !!
    Thanks again for a great evening on Friday – I had sooooooooooo much fun !!
    Have an amazing week !

  • I blog to get the stuff out of my head that would normally sit there and drive me crazy. It started as therapy and mostly remains so today. I do often think about what my children will remember of me, what stories they will tell. Will they remember only the good, or the bad or the ugly? Or will they have a balanced picture of me? I try and fill their life with memory creating moments, hoping they will remember those more than the mundane, sometimes unpleasant everyday life that we lead. If my blog remains for that long, maybe it will help them to see me in fuller light.

  • My gran wrote about her life years ago, and I asked my dad to do the same. I really should go through and read all their words again. It’s bizarre, I think to realise that there are so many people in our family trees that we share characteristics with, and yet we have no idea who they are.
    As for blogging, I write because I need to.
    Pure and simple

  • Eleise Hale

    I love the idea that through blogging you are leaving your story behind. My dad died when I was 4 years old, anything that I could get my hands on I would read and stare at over and over again. My Gran gave my a cassette tape of my mum and dads wedding and it was the most amazing thing ever to hear his voice. I blog for lots of reasons, but my blended family blog is about letting other step mums know that what they are thinking and experiencing is ok and normalise it somehow.

  • Guest

    Immortality is a frightening concept. Forever hardly seems realistic. But I do love to sit and listen to my Grandma talk about when she was young, and I can’t help but think that times REALLY haven’t changed too much. I hope my kids want to know about me one day, and I have a plethora of photos and stories to share with them. That’s not why I blog though, for me, blogging is like therapy. Write it out, learn from it, move on.

  • My mum is currently editing books for a family who are writing about their lives for their future generations. I love the idea of leaving something behind. My nanna lived an amazing life (15 kids, moved around the word, won the lotto -some truly wonderful experiences) and for years we have said somebody should sit with her and write down the stories before they were lost. Sadly she died last year before anybody did but my mum hopes to cobble them together from the rest of the family so we can share with our kids.

    I blog because writing is the way I process but also to reach out and feel not so alone in the way we experience life. Dealing with our infertility it was amazing to know there were couples all over the world dealing with what we were going through – the support network became friends, some of those that I now regard closer than my good real life friends even though we have never met. Moving blogs since becoming a parent hasn’t changed the appeal of people going though common experiences.

  • Pip (@melbournelass)

    I’m considering turning my blog into a book via blurb or a service I spotted at the problogger conference…as who knows if the domain will still be active years and years on…hope it will be! yeh – agree – immortality is overrated 🙂

    • Pip, this is something I have been thinking about doing too! Turing the blog into a book, as I go along, seems like a perfect way to preserve the words and the stories xx

  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    I blog just to get things off my chest and get a little creative juice flowing. I’m not sure it’s always a good thing for those words to potentially be immortal but it’s the risk we take by sending things out to the digital universe. Having recently been involved in some family history research though, I can see that it will be easy for our future generations to learn about us from these words.

  • I blog because I love to write and it is also a great place to vent without annoying all my friends in real life with my dramas and moans! I hope my children remember me as fun, happy and loving. I also want to capture some footage of me and keep for them so they can see me now and what I was like – but what format?? digital? who knows what tech they’ll use in the future – Em @ Have a laugh on me

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Wow, I hadn’t thought of it in this way. After my last ranty pants post, I hope my son looks at the other more inspiring and motivational ones to remember me by 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  • I don’t want my words to be immortal, I want to live forever! 🙂 I blog because it helps me get things off my chest, it’s nice to “meet” other bloggers who feel the same or maybe inspire or encourage me. I blog as a place to keep my memories and thoughts/feelings as I often think back to a time in my life and can’t remember how I felt or what exactly happened. xo

  • Well if writing leads to immortality I’m leaving a TON for my future descendants etc to find!!!

  • I have a book that i have been writing letters to Mia in and this post reminds me that it has been a few months since I last sat down and wrote one. I hope she enjoys reading it when she is older.

  • I blog because I enjoy writing so much, and it’s a great vehicle for that, because you have an instant audience. I am not too worried about immortality. I do it just for the pleasure of it, I think. Also, it becomes a bit of an addiction at some point. You start thinking in blogs. Still wondering if this is a healthy state of mind 🙂

  • bachelormum

    Beautiful. I’d like to have met your grandmother – she sounds like she would have been a hard character. I blog simply for myself – i’ve been a journo most of my working life, before that i played music and wrote songs, before that i used to make books and magazines (as a kid). This is all fun for me – the images, expressions … I never think of it beyond tmr, but I guess if it still exists when my poppet is an adult, she can look back and laugh, cry or cringe.

  • bachelormum

    Josefa that was meant to say ‘hardy’ character, not hard – i like listening to the stories of women who have made it through life using tenacity and courage – it reminds me of my grandmother 🙂

  • Oh how I would love to have an attic and an old chest full of writings from my grandmothers and my grandfathers (neither of whom I met) to know their thoughts and life stories. I often get sad that when my grandmothers were alive, I was too young to appreciate them nor to think to talk to them to learn their stories. I so wish they had lived until I reached adulthood. As for my children and the generations that come after me, I would like to think that there are stories left behind so that they know a little about me. I actually have developed a family tree for my family members on…such has my interest in my ancestory become as I have got older. The more I learn, the more I’d like to know. I have found some very interesting snippets of information on my ancestors. This is a lovely post. It’s got me thinking about how I can leave stories about me for generations to come. Min xo

  • Rita

    Very interesting parallel between immortality and blogging, one I never thought about, but so true.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I blog for myself and to capture moments in time for prosterity, so I guess I’m aiming for immortality in a way. Recognising the longevity of the blog is the main reason I do not identify my kids there – I hope the absence of identifying details will not affect the meaning of my words in years to come.

  • Yellow_Dandy

    Powerful words Josefa, for me I think blogging is a way to keep great records of the past, I didn’t really think about my grandchildren having access to it, but its so true, they will learn more about me through blogging, which really is amazing! x karen

  • Interesting question. I originally started blogging for me, a personal story. But now I want to write about more of my interests and experiences. As a Mum of a teenager my son doesn’t want me to share to much of him and his life, so I accept that. Which I think is why my blog is taking a new direction.

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    Good ponderings Josefa!! I starting blogging as a way to force myself to write every single day. I needed to awaken the writer within so that I could fulfill my dream of being an author. But once I started I couldn’t stop, It’s my safe place. My creative place. My art centre. My library, My haven. But then as I went along I realised I was creating a legacy. Yes … immortality perhaps. The written word will outlive us … that’s our legacy.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • This is a beautiful post Josefa, such eloquent words. I blog purely to write, nothing more nothing less. It has taken me a while to figure that one out though. I think memories are the most important thread in our family. Making memories, that aren’t necessarily written down word for word or immortalised by a photograph (as much as I love photos), but memories that are sparked by a smell, a sound, a glimpse from the film of our minds. I have been really mindful this year to be present in my life (real life) so these memories form for my children and myself.

  • Sarah Leaney

    what a fantastic reason to blog. I am writing/blogging to try and unclutter my mind and to try and soothe my soul.

  • Rina

    to me, my blog is a legacy for my two boys to remember me forever. Even when I am gone I hope the words there live forever to anyone who get inspired by them.

  • Rina

    to me, my blog is a legacy for my two boys to remember me forever. Even when I am gone I hope the words there live forever to anyone who get inspired by them.

  • Grace

    I blog for a few reasons. One is to leave some stories behind for my boys but the other reason is because it’s cathartic. Whether I leave a legacy or not, I haven’t thought of that through my blog. I think that comes more in my actions and other things I do.

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I want my grandchildren to read my blog and think I was awesome.

    Just like I feel about my Nanna. She was the coolest chick ever.

  • Kirrily

    Yes! Great post, Josefa. You’ve also nailed why it is that I blog. xx

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I wish my ancestors could have blogged. I have some details and a few photos, but I would love to hear their stories in their words, maybe see a video of them. I always wonder about what their favourite food was, their hobbies, etc. I hope my children and their children will find out that sort of thing about me, from my blog.

  • I don’t blog for my girls but for the enjoyment, adventures and opportunities that come with it. All I know is, I’m having fun. Rachel xx

  • I loved this post and your way with words. I started blogging to help me write, to grow as a person and perhaps help others along the way. I have written a memoir and maybe my blog might help me to publish it one day. Reflecting on immortality and what we have to know others by when we don’t have memories, or when they fade, I think of how lucky we are now to have so many words recorded digitally, and sooo many photos and video too. I love video editing, and when I did up a video for my mother’s 60th birthday a while ago, I had only three photos from her entire childhood to use in it. My own children are adopted, and I have no photos at all of my son until we adopted him at 8.5 months old. We adopted our daughter at 12 months, and while we have several photos ofher as a young baby, we or course have no memories of their children until we met them. I think blogging is a wonderful way of memory keeping. I blog at

  • Michaela C

    Dropping in from the March Blog Carnival. Such a lovely post! I blog to practice my writing, but I hope one day my son will read and see that his mother was a real nutcase, not just inside the family home 😉

  • Danya Banya

    I blog for a couple of reasons. A big one is so that I don’t go stir crazy as a SAHM. But a bigger one is to document these years while my girls are too little to remember. I hope they can look back and see themselves through the blog. And I also blog for the online community. To feel a part of something. But I hadn’t really thought about people reading it when I’ve passed. I guess I still feel immortal enough not to have thought about that aspect…

  • One of the reasons I blog is to keep a journal for my kids, so that they will always be able look back on our lives and remember some of the things we did that made an impact and also know a little bit about me as a person. It will never get hidden or torn up, photos lost or discarded … it’s all there. I just wish I could blog more regularly!

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