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Christmas Cards

The word budget is not often used in my house. But this year, I have dragged it out, dusted off the cobwebs and thrown it into good use for Christmas.

Early-November and I thought that I had Christmas all sorted. Presents purchased early. Christmas menu budgeted and planned. No impulsive, shopping centre splurges. No splurges at all.

Each year, the first weekend of December, I mail out sixty Christmas cards. The cards are sent to family, both here and overseas. Sixty cards can be expensive – so this year I was certain that the budget was not going to stretch to include them. Cutting out another expense worked perfectly. I almost felt smug, knowing I wasn’t going to send them out.

Two weeks had passed and I remembered that the same time last year, my Christmas cards had been designed, ordered and had even arrived. Nostalgia started to settle in. This would be the first time in ten years that I wasn’t sending out Christmas cards. I was starting to question if I had made the right decision. My head was happy. But my gut was not.

budget, christmas cards

Then I remembered receiving a Christmas card from one of my first cousins, who I do not speak to all year, not even on social media. She lives overseas and has a house full of daughters. My two boys don’t even know their names. Yet, she always sends me a Christmas card.

Last year, her card was the last to arrive, almost at the end of January. I remembered her hand written words. They played havoc on my mind. She wrote that she waits all year to receive my Christmas card. She waits all year to read my beautiful words and see my gorgeous boys. To see how much they have grown in a year and to remember that even though we are so far away, Christmas still brings us together.

budget, christmas cards

With the hot tears of that memory running down my face, I grabbed my camera, grabbed a Santa hat and a set of Reindeer ears. My boys gave me their best Christmas smiles. Snap! Our Christmas card photo had been taken. As fate would have it, I woke the next morning to a discount code for snapfish and within minutes, my Christmas cards were designed, ordered and on their way.

budget, christmas cards

Some Christmas memories are worth budgeting for.

Do you send out Christmas cards?

  • LydiaCLee

    I send out cards – I hand write them and they’re different for each person – I also include people I only reach out to once a year – that’s why they’re important to me. I don’t get many back, and I’m more than fine with that. I continue doing it as I like them to know that even tho I am slack at general communication, I do think of them from time to time….

  • Sophie Allen

    I started doing cards about 3 years ago when I suddenly felt all grown up and thought it was a good idea. So glad I did, I know the relo’s and friends all really appreciate seeing how the boys have grown. And it’s nice to get cards from the people that you don’t often (or ever) get to see, just to know they are out there thinking of you if even for a few moments.

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    Since I was a little girl I’ve made my Christmas cards. And for the last few years I’ve had a little helpers! They’re not as professional looking as they used to be, but my family love reviving something the girls have made…. erm…. If I manage to get them in the mail!

  • I need to check out snappish now. I normally print the photo’s myself and insert into cards. This year so many things have prevented me from getting out of the house and i am flustered. They should be sent and sitting on shelves! I checked out a couple of sites but the amount for a 60 printed photo cards was 3-4 times what I pay to do them myself!
    Thank you for the tip 🙂
    Becc via #ibot

  • I would love to be organised enough to send out personalised Christmas cards. It’s nice that you decided to do it. Rachel x


  • Mother Down Under

    I do Christmas cards…I love sending them out and receiving them!
    For the past two years we have done photo cards through Tiny Prints…really easy and great quality.

    I live about as far away from my family as I could get and even though I know most of them keep tabs on me through Facebook and my blog I still think nothing replaces a lovely handwritten card delivered in the mail.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hahaha! There’s no messing with nostalgia …
    Yep – my Snapfish photos are sitting on my desk ready to be sent too.
    Happy posting!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • Meagan @ cider in the sun

    Oh me too, i’d LOVE to be organized enough to design mine, i’m possibly just too lazy, and less of the not organized. haha I think i’m going to push myself to either last minute this year or ready for next… DEFINITELY! xx

  • Oh, you’re so good! I used to do Christmas card every year, I haven’t now for a very long time. I don’t even have friends’ addresses any more. But fortunately my family are close enough to see throughout the year, and the friends who really matter to me are on Facebook and we have an annual girls’ weekend. That’s enough for me. Christmas is too crazy for me to bother with cards. But I think it’s lovely that you still do.

  • Kevin

    we used to be good with cards but since out littel miss 2.5 came into the picture it’s been in the too hard basket. Poor form but just the just too easy to put it off…

  • This is the kind of Christmas splurging I think is necessary, because it means something to people. 🙂

  • Annaleis

    I love that you went with your gut. Christmas cards can really brighten a person’s day. They do mine!

  • Rita

    I started to do Christmas cards when I came to Australia. It was hubby tradition. But now, I feel it’s growing a bit too much. I spent 50 dollars on stamps only between the international cards and the local ones. I think it’s a lot… But I also think that Christmas cards can really make people happy and just for that it’s worth it. Isn’t what Christmas is all about…

  • How beautiful that your cousin feels that way. I must admit that I have never been a Christmas card sender, with the exception of last year because we had a three-week-old baby and we made the birth announcement with a Christmas theme and combined the two.

  • Danya Banya

    Sigh, this is a tradition that I passed up years ago. We’ve spent too many years travelling over Christmas period to be able to do Christmas cards. And this year things are too manic with a toddler + a newborn. Maybe next year….

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    This year is the first year I’m not sending out cards. I feel a little bad but it is the right decision this year. I’m hoping to be more organised next year and combine moving into our new house with some personalised cards to let people know our new details. Knowing my impeccable ability to put things off maybe I should start that process now???

  • Tracey @ Bliss Amongst Chaos

    Reading this makes me feel sick. And please, I don’t mean that the way it sounds.
    For the first time ever, I’m not sending Christmas cards this year. I was running way late, rushed and managed to get a good photo of my boys, and then started to design them. After doing something I was happy with, I lost the lot, and just decided that obviously I wasn’t meant to do them. But inside, I just don’t feel happy with my decision.
    I might have to do something about that tonight.
    Visiting from #IBOT

  • Grace

    I am totally slack on the Christmas card front. We made sent some during the twinlets’ first Christmas but since then, well, life just gets in the way. I love the idea of using something like snapfish for cheaper but far more personal cards. Maybe next year.

  • Nostalgia gets me every time! Lovely story. Makes all the effort worth it to know that receiving your cards is appreciated 🙂 I have never gone to such effort. I buy cards but usually print out a newsletter with all our family news and some photo’s and insert it in the card. This year I am not keeping up with everything – I haven’t done the cards or the newsletter!!

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