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Twitter Karma

Very quickly after starting my adventures in the blogosphere I realised that as much as my blog is about words, it is also about numbers.

Numbers that can consume and fill my mind space. Numbers that can drive paranoia. Numbers that, unlike words, I have no control over.

At the beginning checking my blog statistics was fun. I enjoyed watching the numbers grow and change. But then, my statistics became a deep, dark place that I would haunt late at night. Stalking the page of analytics, like an addict. Now, I pretend they don’t exist. Not even there. It is better this way, for the both of us.

Twitter Karma

Then there is Facebook. My love-hate relationship with Facebook has been a long one. Long before I had a blog, my private account was a place of over-sharing, under-sharing, lots of friends, culling friends, and privacy settings – the one roller coaster I actually liked. The always Josefa Facebook page is one I enjoy updating. One I have no paranoia over. Facebook and I, so far, seem to be a good team.

Then there is Twitter. Here is where my story takes a turn. Previous to this blog, Twitter was like Mordor; full of deep dark secrets, where predators lay, waiting for their kill. Twitter and I had a mutual understanding, that we just “didn’t get” each other. Up until the last moment, always Josefa was not going to have a Twitter account. It made perfect sense not to.

Until one day, I followed a favourite blogger onto her twitter feed, and the chatter was outstanding! The action, the speed, the instant overwhelming excitement! I changed my mind and right then I set up my account.

Then I sat. Waiting. Watching. Watching the numbers. The followers. The followers come. More indignantly, the followers go. I can’t believe the sadness I felt watching the numbers decline. It made no sense to me. I was genuinely nice. I thought that I was genuinely likeable. I didn’t engage in controversial Twitter topics. I couldn’t make sense of what I was doing wrong.

Twitter Karma

After a week of turmoil and doubt, I gave up and decided that the best possible answer was: karma. I had bad Twitter karma and it had to change. So, convinced I was doing the right thing (when in reality, I had no idea at all what I was doing) I went through my Twitter lists. All the people that followed me (that were not companies I had never heard of before) I followed back. I unfollowed people I genuinely wasn’t interested in and only followed writers, bloggers and people who I was interested in reading their words. All this happened late one night, so once it was done, I felt better about myself and promptly went to bed.

The following morning I had a Twitter surprise waiting. New followers. Bloggers and writers. Instantly, I followed back. Later that day, more followers and once again, if the fit was right and we had interests in common, I followed back. Good Twitter karma!

Now all of this may just be coincidence, luck, fate or craziness. After all, it is Twitter, does it need to make sense?

How does your twitter karma work? Do you follow always Josefa?

Feel free to leave your twitter handle in the comments below and maybe my twitter karma and your twitter karma can become friends.

  • Hi Josefa – gee this could have been written by me! It’s exactly what I have experienced! With regards to Twitter – I never *got it* and couldn’t see what the appeal was. When I started my blog, one of my first blog posts was “To Tweet or Not to Tweet”. I had noticed that ALL bloggers were on Twitter! Inevitably, I decided that I suppose I’d better get on there. I’m still not that good at Twitter. I tweet my new posts and occasionally put a photo on there. I don’t engage in too many conversations yet but have done a few times. With regards to STATS….I don’t even look at them anymore. They were making me go crazy with self doubt. I know what you mean about seeing numbers decline. I remember just recently my FB likes were at 104 and it went down to 103. I couldn’t work out who it was who had unliked me. Then I started worrying that I was too boring or perhaps I’d gone on too much about the new puppy. I suppose this is something that all new bloggers go through. The best thing I have found is that bloggers support other bloggers. I love that! 🙂

  • Crafty Mummy

    I’m still in the “I don’t really get Twitter” phase. It’s been a while. Sigh.

    Which is why I don’t understand why I have followers!!?

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    Twitter is my playground, I love it so. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to play in there recently. Meh to the twitter karma, as long as my friends – like you – are there I am happy.

    Facebook does my head in.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    The numbers game can do your head in – try to take a step back and maybe check them once a week instead of every day. I actually feel fatigued by all the social media stuff that goes with blogging. I feel more comfortable on facebook but twitter can be fun when I have the time to go there. I will have to invest in a little more twitter karma, starting by actually visiting at least once a day!

  • Lydia C. Lee

    @LydiaCLee I struggle with twitter – occassionally I find something of use on it but a lot of the time it just seems to be a stream of stuff I can’t be bothered investigating further. In the black out it was hilarious and was on it all day for the US election but other than those times, I’m pretty random. I had a lot of Spanish people follow me for some reason that I can’t work out. I can’t speak it and haven’t mentioned any Spanish speaking countries ever…

  • That’s exactly what I did too! I struggled for ages to understand twitter but at last I finally get it 🙂

  • I do now! My handle is my blog name – coloursofsunset. I find twitter time consuming and hard to keep up with everything. For a long time I thought I *had* to go back and read everything I missed. I don’t bother with that now, and it’s a much nicer/easier place to be!

  • Sophie Allen

    I try to do the whole twitter thing, but I just cant sink that amount of time needed into it. So my blog posts automatically post to it, so does my instagram. And that’s about it at the moment. I also only follow people I would be interested it reading. I don’t follow the big companies just because they follow me. So my followers vs following is about even. I don’t check that very often anymore.

    • The balance between followers and following drives me crazy – I wish mine was even!

  • Yeah, I probably use twitter the least out of my social media tools. I struggle with the pace, I think. I need to really sit down and devote some time to it and then I think I’ll get into it a little more… I just need to find that time!

  • CassandraHodges

    Twitter is a funny old thing… some days I love it, other days it’s a bit … meh! It took me a while to get my head around, but I learnt that you just have to jump in head first… it’s the only way to “get it”. I think we followed each other last week. Feel free to say hi to me there any time xo

  • I have not yet succumbed to the lure of numbers – although I do let out a big Woot Woot when I see a milestone achieved 🙂
    I was of the school that was never going to go on Facebook. I did it for my page and am now personally very happy that I did – who knew there were friends out there that I had lost touch with that I still wish to keep in contact?
    As for Twitter – it’s confusing sometimes. I desperately find it hard to stay within the word count….I write for heaven’s sake. I ramble, I talk incessantly, so how do you keep words to a minimum???
    Becc enjoying #FYBF

  • Enid Bite’Em

    I think you’ve good decision – Twitter should work for you or there’s no point and your writing is too restricted (be controversial if you really believe in something). Although, having said, that, when I had less than 5 followers I used to make myself giggle typing sarcastic things about breakfast (which is apparently all Twitter is really used for :).

  • I tend to have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I do love it, but at the same time it’s hard work to keep up with everything and the fast pace. I really don’t understand how people manage to watch tv and tweet, or do anything else and tweet at the same time. I have to be all focused on twitter or not at all.

  • Twitter is a bit of fun, when I have the time. But OH it is such a sink-hole of time… As for numbers, mine have always been quite dire, stat-wise and everywhere, so I just try to ignore them! They can only improve, right?? 😉

  • Lisa

    I can deal with twitter, it’s Facebook that drives me crazy! social media is hard work sometimes

  • A great blog post. It is so hard when you watch numbers and get obsessed with followers, I do get excited everytime I have a new follower – yay they want to hear me!

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    Oh I so relate to this. I’d been blogging for a good six months before I ventured onto twitter, I didn’t have a clue what it was all about and found it incredibly overwhelming. Now I love twitter, I prefer it to facebook and use it all the time. It’s probably about time I had a look through my follows/followers and tidy up a bit :0) xx

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I was blogging and on FB long before twitter but now I actually prefer twitter. I enjoy the fast paced response. I also didn’t get it to start with and just jumped in and have had some amazing conversations on there with friends. I also used to always go back and read what had been posted but that was taking me ages so now I just pick up from where I am. Some people participate and some don’t so you really get out of it what you put into it. I go through every now and again and unfollow people who post things that are of not much interest to me or who retweet other posts all the time that don’t interest me.
    In my experience – I don’t get hung up on the numbers – for me it’s about participation. Also don’t worry about tweavesdropping and jumping in if you want to add to the conversation – the more the merrier !!!
    @kal20m is my handle – looking forward to seeing you around !
    Have a great day !

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I’m not quite comfortable with twitter either, sometimes it feels like swimming with sharks. I think your idea is great, I am going to try it.


  • Watching your stats sometimes makes you forget the reason why you started blogging in the first place….and it wasn’t about some magic number! I don’t look at Twitter numbers as much as I once did – quality over quantity every time.

  • Housewife in Heels

    Have not yet embraced twitter… still full of deep dark secrets for me… I’ve dipped my toes in it- literally made a name (not consistent with my blog name) but have not promoted it). One of these days I’ll get motivated. But I struggle checking Facebook, let alone another social media outlet!

  • Why, yes I do! I am a little out of love with Twitter at the moment for some reason.

  • Mother Down Under

    I am on Twitter…but I am still feeling it out…and I just started following you!

    And as for Facebook, I think I have bad Facebook karma at the moment. I will post something about only about one fourth of my likers will see it! This disappoints me…in part because I wonder what posts I am missing from blog and companies that I like! And it has created a bit of an unhealthy obsession with my Facebook insights!

  • I havente checked my twitter stats for so long! The Facebook ones arre the ones that absorb me.
    I’ve rached an odd place in twitter land. I don’t likers follow everyone, cause then I miss out on what I really want to see, but then I feel bad not following back. So I follow people who engage with me these days. But your post has me thinking….

  • Following you now on twitter. I also started late with twitter for sometimes didn’t get many followers until last month it suddenly grows like crazy! For days I was trying to figure out what did I do, maybe it was due to the blog hop I was joining, but it was a pleasant surprise and I am thankful for that. And you are right as much as I love the writings blog is also about numbers

  • I’ve only just started my blog and on twitter too. I have 14 followers yay! Including you – thank you for following me 🙂 I’m following mainly writers and bloggers too. I’m still a bit on the outer, not sure how to engage in conversations with people I don’t know. I think that if I say something they’ll be ‘who is that chick?’ Anyway I have realised that although I’ve been a reader of many blogs for a long time I need to start commenting and also start engaging on twitter. Let’s see how it goes lol

  • I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. There are times when it exhausts me, then others when the chat is phenomenal. Yes, I do follow you now! (@jay_latte)

  • I have loved Twitter for a long time, I think I have been on there coming up 4 years! I have ‘met’ some amazing and inspiring writers and bloggers through Twitter and had some great conversations. I do find you need to keep a regular presence though and by regular I mean almost daily. I know when I haven’t tweeted for a couple of weeks it is hard to get back into the convo sometimes. @lipglossmumma x

  • multibloggingmum

    I cannot figure twitter out …. lol!

    I try and just cannot get it “right” – if there is a twitter right!


  • Rita

    Twitter is a different universe all together I’m still trying to figure out… @ritaazar2

  • Fascinating post. I just commented on someone else’s post about Twitter too. I don’t really like it. I dipped my toes in a long time ago after being a lurker for ages. I used to be on Twitter a lot but after rationalising my priorities, I decided I couldn’t justify the return on investment with my time so I’m barely on it. Instagram is my “twitter” I suppose. I’m barely on FB too. I’ve found to get the most out of these you need to spend a lot of time. I don’t want to be on either just talking to myself, for the most part either. The idea of twitter karma is an interesting one. Not sure it’d change things for me since I suspect I’d still need to invest more time than I can justify to make it work.

  • Loree

    I don’t Twitter. It might be good for my blog but it probably won’t be good for my life. I have been writing my blog for almost 4 years now. I have seen people come and people go. It is a very dynamic platform. I would rather have 10 people reading my posts for all the right reasons than 100s for all the wrong reasons. I have learnt to only follow and read blogs that I genuinely like as opposed commenting on all the ones who follow me. That ensures that I am not reading stuff that I don’t want to be reading. I used to be obsessed with numbers but not anymore.

  • Always had a love/hate relationship with Twitter. It can be wonderful or just downright ugly. We probably don’t utilise it as well as we could or should but it also can be a massive time waster.

    Thanks for linking up with Talk to us Thursday (TUST)

  • Danya Banya

    Twitter is on my to-do list. I’ve started using it, but I know I should be on there so much more. But I have a technology upgrade coming, so hoping this will help 🙂

  • Grace

    Twitter is a strange one. Numbers will drop without rhyme or reason, even when you’re totally engaged in it and having great conversations. Then it will increase when you do minimum activity. I just use it as a tool to promote my posts and other bloggers. Great conversations are a nice to have but not an expectation.

  • I think you are genuinely nice and likeable! I’m over the numbers game. Do it because you love it or there is no point.

  • Tara

    Ha! That’s great…I still don’t get twitter…but you’ve inspired me to give it another shot!

  • I myself no longer play the numbers game – and I am a very sporadic twit!! However, should you ever want to be surprised by occasional insight, I am jeanieparadise.

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