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Start as you mean to go

It might be somewhat superfluous to be writing a start of the year post at the end of January. Yet, that seems to be the way this year is starting out. In a way that does not hold strict to routine or rules. But flows in a way defined without definition.

I have a love hate relationship with a New Year. I love the new beginning, the chance to start a fresh, the unknown. I do not love the expectations that come with a New Year. The heavy burden to live up to resolutions, words to live by and dreams pinned to an inspiration board. A better part of me only feels defeated before I even begin looking at the social media overload of New Year starts and expectations.

I think sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves when a New Year dawns. We forget to be kind and patient in the wake of powering forward full steam ahead into being all the things, all at once and always better. Kind and patient, the words a hushed whisper, like it is playing against the rules to even speak of them in the same breath as a New Year.


Over the summer as I read on social media that a New Year should “start as you mean to go” I found myself irritated almost through to my skin. The voices in my head arched up “of course you start as you mean to go, as opposed to wanting to start on a bad foot?” Over the summer the idea of starting anything, let alone starting as I mean to go only made me feel even more resentment for the New Year.

Weeks later I can only laugh at myself and how irritated I was over such a little idea, an idea that is full of good. Home from our summer break and I dived into a major house de-clutter and clean, which I suspect may continue for some months to come. I indulged in even more time with my boys. I kept a measured distance from work and the tugs of social media. Whether I had intended to or not, I had started as I meant to go.

Over the years a New Year has always felt like a crisp blank page, a new chapter, a new book even, waiting for me to write the words. But the start of this year feels different. This year the New Year feels like a dance floor. A polished timber dance floor that glistens by the highlights of pink and gold disco lights. A dance floor that holds the promise of endless champagne, Bon Jovi, Madonna and moments of complete abandon.  I have slipped on my dancing shoes, given them a twist to see if they are snug and I am ready to dance. My only promise this year is to keep finding ways to stay on that dance floor.


Have you started as you mean to go?
Do you want to go dancing?


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Thank you to Hopeful Rae of Sunshine for this month’s prompt.

  • After having an epic year last year with no other resolution than just to survive the changes that happened in my life at the end of 2013, I entered this year thinking How can this year top last year? What pressure! And the thing is, it doesn’t have to top it. It’s another year to live and experience more change in my family’s life as we settle into a family of 5 and new changes with Esther going to Kindy. It’s not about topping the year before, it’s about flourishing in your current circumstances whatever they may be.
    I hope you had a great Summer break and doesn’t decluttering make a difference to not only your home but your head? Wishing you a very happy 2015 Josefa. xx

    • Bec I have every confidence that this year will hold even more amazing adventures and blessings for you. And yes decluttering works wonders for the home, the mind and the spirit! Happy 2015 Bec xx

  • I always mean to make a resolution then get cranky at the idea last minute- I guess because I believe any day is good for a new start not just the first of the year! Happy new year to you Josefa!

    • Happy New Year to you too and yes! any day and every day are good for a new start – gee on some days the afternoon is aenough to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh 😉

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    I am with Handbag Mafia. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. It doesn’t take a new year to create change. But then again, the New Year is a great way to make some big decisions I guess. I love new beginnings …. whenever they occur.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    • I think new beginnings are something we often overlook or take for granted even, but they hold a special kind of magic unmatched by anything else xx

  • Natalie Peck McNamara

    I always make a couple of new years resolutions, and at the time I really really mean them. When I am positive, I KNOW they will work, however, when the negative creeps in, so too does the ‘Oh this is just crap anyway’.

    • Oh it is hard to keep resolutions steadfast, that is why I think we need to be more kind to ourselves as a New Year unfolds xx

      • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

        Here here

  • Yes, I most definitely am ready to go dancing and stay on that dance floor. I wanted to start this year off with no grand expectations, just to be happy and healthy. I have slipped from this already with my crazy need to bite off more than I can chew. I am learning though. Glad to see you back x

    • Learning is good, dancing is better and be kind to yourself Renee amongst all that you juggle – and thank you, it is nice to be back xx

  • LydiaCLee

    You will remember my motto of last year – Walked In, Danced Out. (having watched Gatsby again last night, I would add, preferably with a big feathery fan).

  • This year has started in a bit of a fuzzy blur to me, nothing is very clear so I figured I will just get stuck into it and hope that the fogs clears as I go.

    • I hope the fog clears for you too, be patient, things often turn out just the way they should xx

  • Loree

    Yes I would love to dance, especially to Bon Jovi. That’s one band whose music never gets old. New Years can be stressful. I try not to make too many resolutions and the ones I do make I keep to myself, so that if I fail to achieve them, it won’t be something else to stress about. Like you, de-cluttering is on high priority this year. We all tend to keep hold of too many things in this house. BTW, those sandals are drop-dead gorgeous. Are they yours?

    • Loree those shoes are mine! I absolutley LOVE them. I bought them for a cousin’s wedding a few years ago, it was love at first night with those shoes xx

  • Oh my goodness! If this year continues the way it’s started, it’s going to fly and I’m going to need loads of energy! Yes, dancing is one thing I’d love to make time for. Love your red shoes!

    • Yes the year does seem to be flying! GOsh even faster than most years! Thank you, love those shoes too xx

  • Pip (@melbournelass)

    Dance like noone’s watching hey Josefa, only thing is, everyone is. Looking forward to enjoying your jig, salsa, waltz – whichever you choose. Here’s to a new year and new stories. I’ll be reading xxx

    • Oh Pip, love your kind words, here’s to a new year, new stories and more moments shared together over coffee? yes?

  • writeofthemiddle

    I think I have started the year as I mean to go. WIthout conscious intention I have been trying to get more balance in my life. Less time on social media and sitting at the computer, more time outdoors, a review of my nutrition, plans for more activity, decluttering my home. I don’t work well when I put high expectations on myself – I tend to crumble and/or freeze – so my approach is balance, trust, self care. 🙂 xo

    • Balance, trust and self care sounds like your year has started perfectly, all the blessings to you and your beautiful New Year intentions xx

  • 26 Years & Counting

    I started in a state of flux, so my start is kind of only happening now. But it’s a good thing!

  • I love the dance floor analogy. I have a half-drawn mind-map, a new inspiration board with nothing stuck to it yet, a pile of stuff to give away piling up in the laundry, and a word of the year ‘breathe’ – even my posts so far this year speak of slow and grounded. Other than a powering start to yoga and the two weeks I’ve spent cleansing (two to go and feeling great), I am starting with kind and patient and hoping to dance through the year, sometimes a slow waltz, at other times a cha, cha, cha (or something like that). We shall see.

    • Kathy it sound slike you have a perfect plan in place for this year, love the idea of dancing and breathing – can’t really have one without the other, something we tend to forget xx

  • The way I figure it, a new year can start any day you like. It’s nice to see you! x

    • I agree Bron, a beginning is a beginning, no matter the date. Nice to see you too! xx

  • I barely feel like last year actually ended. I don’t think I’ve really registered the new year yet! #TeamIBOT

    • Oh last year has well and truly closed for me, take a moment to settle into the spirit of the New Year Bec xx

  • Grace

    Keep that booty shaking, Josefa! I totally agree with you about the expectations place for the New Year. Why should we take it so seriously? Why do resolutions need to be so serious? Just keep dancing and enjoy the journey along the way, I say! x

    • Kindred spirits Grace, dancing and laughing, what could be better than that as a resolution?

  • ha! I only just now feel like I am getting back into routine with kids starting creche and school next week. Who said “new year” had to be at the beginning anyway… x

    • Oh how I am looking forward to the routine the summer lacks, we go back into our routine next week too xx

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I have disco balls all around my house. Always ready to dance.

    • Kelly what a perfect way for a New Year to start, to have you here on my little blog, disco balls and dancing – sounds like it is all set to go xx

  • Champagne, Madonna and Bon Jovi? I’m there x

  • I love the idea of dance floor for the year!
    I’ve heard the ‘start as you mean to go’ phrase often applied with parenting. The idea being think of the adults you want to raise, and start moving towards that from day dot. It’s a good way of looking at things. 🙂

    • I think in almost every way we apply the idea of ‘start as you mean to go” it is a good idea Jess, too funny to think that initally I didn’t like it?!

  • I love the reckless abandon associated with dancing. It’s a great image to attach to the start of a year and to move forward with. Lovely to see you here again x

  • I recently read a list of questions medicine doctors in tribal communities ask people if they think they are depressed. My favourite question was “When did you stop dancing” ? I hope you dance the year long Josefa.

    • What an insightful piece of information, thank you so much for sharing, I didn’t know that and it really has made me stop to think. I hope we all dance all year long xx

  • Dancing? Champagne? Yes please (well, after baby is born anyway)! I’m not a fan of new year resolutions, but instead I set more general intentions as these seem more positive and flexible. Life can change in a heartbeat and we need to be able to adapt with it as the the year flows on. I hope you keep on dancing all year long and in many different styles as you can!

    • Thank you Erika and you raise such an improtant point, the ebbs and flows of the year ahead are completely unknown to us, we need to be open to what lies ahead and ready to dance through it xx

  • TeganMC

    I think that the end of January is the perfect time for a new year post! It give you time to settle into the new year, and work out where you want to go.

    • Now that it is published, I think so too Tegan. Although I am a little in shock to think it is already February next week – gosh that went fast, didn’t it?

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