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Ready for Summer ~ Tiger Tribe Giveaway

The moment the Christmas festivities are over, we are packing up our boys, their toys and escaping. Crazy as it may seem, we are embarking on yet another road trip and I couldn’t be more excited! Last year’s adventures, driving in and out of towns, snaking our way along the Australian coast proved that not only can we survive a road trip we actually loved it. So much so, we are off again this year.

Now there are a few things I have learnt and will take on board to make this year’s trip a little better. You can never have enough snacks for hungry little boys and you can never have enough entertainment. I do not mind stopping here and there to stretch our legs, run a quick toilet stop and grab a few snacks, but this time I may pack a few more things with me, so that not all our food is bought from a petrol station or fast food chain.

As for the entertainment, well we were very lucky that the boys did actually sleep for most of the long stretches of road last year. But when they were up – they were bursting with energy. So while the DVD player and iPad’s are packed, I will be taking a few other things along for the ride this time.

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

PJ never tires from arts and crafts and I simply cannot drag his entire collection of crafts with me, so this little stamp set is perfect. Easy to use, small enough for him to handle in the car and packs nicely into one small little space. He already loves playing with it and I can imagine all sorts of creations will come from this; pictures, learning his letters and when AJ decides he would like a go, he can string together some words and still have fun.

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

I just love these Magna Junior cases. Apart for being so adorable, they are magnetic which means I won’t be reaching into the back trying to retrieve lost pieces of puzzle for hours on end. The boys can mix and match their cases. Mix and match their creations. What is better still? PJ has already started to use his case for storing extra little treasures, which is perfect for us. For it seems that with every stop the boys collect one more thing they must carry with them. These cases can be their perfect little storage spot for the whole trip.

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Now last summer, I spent many stretches of road, balancing half-finished Lego creations on my lap as we travelled from one stop to the next. I really do not want a repeat of that this road trip. So even though I know we may not avoid dragging one or two Lego sets with us, I am hoping that this cute little rocket ship will be the hours of entertainment and imaginative play the boys need to not be so obsessed with their Lego. So easy to assemble and play with, fits in a small box when it is disassembled and can even be a great place for tiny Lego minifigures to play on. Let’s hope my boys agree.

Throw in some books and the can’t-leave-home-without teddy bears and we are all set to get this summer family holiday started! It can’t come soon enough in this house.

Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Two very lucky readers have the chance to win a set each of the ABC Wooden Stamp Kit, the Magna Junior Jungle Safari and the Kit Pax Rocket Ship ~ a total value of $105 from Tiger Tribe.

What are you looking forward to these summer holidays?
Any tips on surviving a road trip with kids?


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Tiger Tribe, where the products both entertain and educate kids, and allow their imagination to run free. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • kookla123

    Ensure you have plenty of snacks, drinks and games. Also, make sure they use the bathroom before you leave, and make regular stops so they can get out and stretch and enjoy a bit of fresh air. Take the opportunity to play games with them if you are the passenger. Keep it fun to avoid the tantrums

  • Kate

    Those toys, all of them, look fantastic!

    This summer I am looking forward to normal family time! With a husband working as a Personal Trainer, and out the door before everyone is up, and most nights is not home for dinner, t is such a novelty to have him home for normal things like breakfast, dinner and bedtime.

    I like to have audio storybooks and kids sing-a-long CD’s for car trips.

  • LydiaCLee

    We play games (I spy, who’s lightsabre is that, I’m thinking of a character from a book, movie, game etc). And Audio books, I’m a big fan of Audio books – we did 3000 kms around WA listening to the collected works of Roald Dahl….

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    OMG! I need those toys! They look amazing 😉 This summer I am looking forward to time with my hubby and girls. This year has been insane with my return to work. We all at times have felt all too consumed with the busyness of life and we all feel a little tired and worn out. We need this time to recharge and focus on nothing but us!

  • They look so gorgeous! We have the Little Tribe magnet books and they are so great for both girls. x

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    Lots of Annoying kids music to keep them Entertained and to drive me Crazy lol. I have a few Toys in the car too which are easy for him to play with while in his Carseat.

  • Timing the trip for NAP TIME!! We often drive to the country and, if we can’t do the drive at midday, wait until bedtime.
    Failing both of those, it’s all about books and toys. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • AParentingLife

    Food, toys and just going with the flow are my tips. I love road tripping as well and think it is a great time to bond with family. I love that magnet box toy, brilliant travel idea right there. Thanks for sharing.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  • Music and food are our two fall backs, but we haven’t done a long drive for a long time. I hope it goes really well, Josefa, and you have loads of great stories for us when you get back. xx

  • Lisa@tomfo

    Love these, my little guy would love the rocket ship! I’m looking forward to Christmas eve, with all the family and our first glamping trip this year. Will be packing the treats for the trip and having our music playing, we play car bingo, that takes up a lot of time and I spy is always a good one

  • Great ideas Josefa. My teenagers are happy with a laptop full of movies. Lovely toys and crafts for the little ones. Hope you have a great trip!

  • MissMandy

    lots of snacks, oh and a few little surprise pieces you only pull out along the way.

  • Elise

    A successful road trip with toddlers and babies is all in the timing. We leave at sparrows fart (4:30-5am) so that the kids are lulled quickly back to sleep by the cars movement. A pit stop at 7:30am for breakfast and everyone is feeling fresh and ready to drive again! A change of drivers so that Dad can snooze and we are off. By lunchtime, if we are not at our destination, lunch and then a nap again. By the time we get there, everyone has only had a few hours of awake time in the car, with plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied, and we tend to arrive early so can enjoy our first day away!

  • for an hour or so trips its just snacks, games, singing songs and we have some great stories and music on CD. For longer trips (we do alot of interstate driving) they have rationed out snacks, songs, i have little cheap gifts that i wrap and give every four or five hours when they start to get ratty. Books. A DVD player and i have games that we play word matching games, simon says, i spy etc. lots of things to do. Sometimes just stopping the car and making them walk around for two minutes will buy us an extra hour 🙂

  • sapna

    We carry age appropriate things for our kids. My 6 keep himself entertained with ipad – using his age appropriate apps & Mr 2 is happy with lots of stickers & our homemade Lego case made using empty wipes box.
    Music cds of their choice is the next thing if things get boring.

    We make sure to carry different variety of snakes & water with us also.

  • Tam

    Food is a winner in our house… I mean, car… I make up individual snack bags for each of the boys with lots of healthy snacks like popcorn, rice biscuits, fresh and dried fruit and a few treats as well. Add that to a few fun car games, plus a nap if we’re lucky, and it’s a happy trip!

  • Emma Hearn

    I am looking forward to spending a week on the South Coast of NSW with my husband’s family, including his Grandparents, my children’s Great Grandparents! I will be entertaining our 1 year old and 2.5 year old throughout the 8 hour trip with new and interesting snacks, a new DVD, perhaps some colouring, and plenty of rest stops and parks for energy burning along the way. We will be leaving very early, so we will **hopefully** arrive by dinner time.
    I would LOVE to add this amazing pack of Tiger Tribe goodies to my arsenal for my 2.5 year old, and I think he would love it just as much!

  • Zita

    I don’t have any kids so sorry, am not much help when it comes to surviving road trips but those packs look awesome! I am really just looking forward to some downtime these holidays! With all the travel and time away from home with work that I do I am looking forward to just chilling, watching telly and reading books! I do hope to get away to the Coast for a few days but I haven’t booked anywhere as yet so perhaps I should get in to that!

  • We traveled for six weeks through France with Jarvis last year starting when he was ten months old. Survival tips, pack food they know. Small nibbly food that take awhile to eat. Plan your driving well, know busy road times and avoid. Compare with naps, even if it means driving at night while they sleep. Stop often for breaks so they can play. And if all else fails download some apps on your phone to amuse them

  • Do long trips overnight, more chance of kids sleeping! Otherwise plan lots of stops and buy snacks without sugars and colours 🙂

  • The best thing we ever did, was put an esky in between the kids. It kept drinks cold (which was a must), and its amazing how happy kids are to suck on ice. Plus it meant lunches could be made in the morning and stowed away ready for eating when ever lunch was ready.
    Also a huge fan of toy cars. Kids can spend ages driving them on doors and windows and the esky in between them 🙂

  • The Plumbette

    Driving when they have their day sleep if your kids are little helps and lots of activities like books and removable stickers that can be stuck and unstuck on I does to create pictures works well too!

  • These look like fun!!!!

  • TeganMC

    We often travel at night because it means that Mr 4 sleeps for most of the time. When we do travel during the day though we load the ipad up with movies so it saves having to take DVDs and a DVD player.

  • AmberB

    Have plenty of yummy snacks and a dvd player with headphones.

  • I’m looking forward to having my husband home in the mornings, it means we take turns with sleep ins! I also can’t wait to spend more time with my one and only girl!! I envisage trips to the shops, babycinos and lots of girlie stuff! Road trip tips! Pack snacks, chopped up carrots etc a help and books, games and dear I say it iPads! xxx

  • Carolyn

    Plenty of snacks, kids music, electronic devices, books, hand puppets (for the passenger to use, not the driver of course) and pit stops!

  • Sarah Armstrong

    This will be the first time I have ever been able to spend the whole Christmas Holidays with my little munchkins. Due to the fact I’m on Maternity Leave. I’m planning to make the most of it jamming as much time as I can doing fun stuff with the kids. Best tip for taking a road trip is take a set of ear plugs to drown out the fighting 🙂

  • marypreston

    If you have to pack the kitchen sink to survive – do it!!! This is a case of more is most definitely more.

  • Kim m

    I think driving overnight so the kids will sleep (hopefully)! is a good idea.

  • Wow! Each of those Tiger Tribe play sets look awesome! I would have just as much fun with them as my little ones. I’m looking forward to spending Christmas with my family overseas this summer… though one thing I am NOT looking forward to is the plane flight. For the first time in my life, I’ll be travelling ALONE with my bub and toddler on a 5 hour flight. But being able to hug and be close to long-time-no-see relatives on the other side will make it all worthwhile. Hope to win these sets to keep my little one occupied during our journey!

  • Cynthia Louise

    I like to wrap up lots of little treats and then we set an alarm for every 45 minutes of driving and if the kiddo’s been good in that time he gets to open a treat when the alarm goes off. We usually do this on our Christmas roadtrips to see family because it makes the drive more special! I use things like little packs of tiny teddies, new crayons, and little books.

  • Ally L

    My best tip is to leave when the kids are due for a sleep.. Failing that, pop some songs on that they like, take regular breaks and make sure they have snacks and drinks!

  • Kim DeCicco

    My daughter would love this Rocket Ship along with the other cool stuff! <3 Tiger Tribe!!!

  • Kim DeCicco

    Road Trip with kids – good music, lots of toys, snacks, bathroom stops, games, coloring, traveling during nap time, have fun, accept that you will NEED to make stops and take breaks.

  • Pam

    Leave when they are still asleep, remember lots of (healthy) snacks and stop often – it will take forever to get there but if everyone stretches their legs and get a slow look at something interesting now and then, the hysteria may not set in quite so soon (mine that is, not theirs)

  • Lisa Abejja

    Having small easy to eat snacks and activities ready to give to them before the hunger and boredom sets in.

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Find fun pit stops along the way to stretch their legs and burn some energy!!

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    Don’t forget to pack the chargers for everything!!

  • Cath

    I am looking forward to many things these summer holidays – but one night in particular, where I will have a whole evening with a beautiful friend, dining in an awesome restaurant.
    The tips below are a gold-mine – I have made many notes! Our kids love audiobooks in the car, so we’ll be packing a few extra ones at xmas time when we head interstate to visit family.

  • multibloggingmum

    lots of fun and games, snacks and drinks!!

  • Tessa Morgan

    I find having small snacks really handy, my son is 1 and a half and banana or better known as nananananana by him – until I give in – LOL is the easiest way to get some quiet time for us all as well as home made healthy slices too or frozen oranges (things that aren’t too messy) and it means we can eat almost anything plus the bonus is he thinks we are all eating the same healthy food 😉 so we don’t get pestered for our food for once so we can have treats ourselves. We also just found a ball can work it can’t get to the front with us so far at his age and is easy to retrieve, we are thinking of tying it to the handle above the side window as we do with some things.
    Being prepared is the best tip though, each parent knows their child best so I’d say take that time at home to really be sure of what you take and have it in the car not the boot (as my husband annoyingly does LOL). Music, food, appropriate toys, some luck and oh biggest thing for us is we always leave straight after a nap that has worked well (since our son won’t sleep in the car at all and rarely ever has, yes not the norm and hasn’t made going out easy but there it is).
    We may do a few of his favorite active things for 15 minutes while he warms up from waking and if I haven’t quite finished packing while he slept with whoever naps him. But time is of the essence as is the best part of his mood on countdown too!!
    Overall I actually think a little bit of luck, a kid in a good mood, air con that works if it’s really hot, and then the prep you know that’s custom to your child and you have the best chance you can…along with some finger crossing 😉

  • Emma Webster

    I love the summer holidays as an opportunity to explore new places. I am not a very organised person so when we go on road trips I like to start early and make a list of what we may need. I have found from experience that it pays dividends to put effort into packing healthy snacks and interesting things to do and listen to in the car.

  • Melissa o

    Road trip songs, fun bingo games, great singing and commentary of what is on the way

  • Catherine Howse

    Prepare, participate and be patient. Don’t forget, getting there is part of the adventure and enjoy the trip!

  • Candice

    Plenty of snacks for a long trip and plenty of games to play for the long car rides.

  • Marleisa

    You have to remember to STOP regularly and run!!!

  • staceyshailer

    Pack a ball, so that when you stop for lunch/toilet break, the kids can have a quick kick-around with the ball for 5 minutes.

  • Tessa Morgan

    Have the winners been announced?

  • Guest

    Thanks…. I liked reading their entries 🙂

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