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New Year’s Resolutions

I love writing lists. I write to-do lists that sometimes are three pages long. I love having a visual reminder of all the things I have set myself to accomplish. There is no better sense of achievement than when I tick one of the tasks from my list.

At the start of each year, I always sit down to write my new lists. I write lists for birthday preparations. I write lists for projects around the house. I especially write lists for my writing projects. Writing these lists is one of the best parts about a New Year starting.

Every year, I write my list of New Year’s resolutions. Every year without fail, I have never ticked anything from that list. Every year, my list of New Year’s resolutions is my most unsuccessful, least accomplished list. Last year, I only wrote one thing on that list: use less toilet paper – and I still couldn’t master a tick against that!

I would much prefer to start this year looking at the positive. I will not write a list of New Year’s resolutions. My past has only shown me that I can’t keep them, paving the way for disappointment and guilt. The start of this year heralds a new outlook and a new attitude. I am going to focus on the good. This year I want to build on the things that make me happy, that make me feel confident. I want to try my hardest to keep disappointment and guilt at bay.

New Years Resolution

Ever since returning to work after maternity leave, I have fallen into the bad habit of not wearing my wedding ring. On most days, it sits in the drawer, in the dark. Every time that I have not worn my wedding ring, I have only felt disappointment and guilt. Wearing that ring every day will make me feel better, happier. I love the symbolism that the ring represents and the day it reminds me of. I want to feel the weight on my finger, a reminder of the man I love and the family we share. I will try my best to wear my wedding ring every day.

I won’t be writing that down on a list. I don’t need to.

Are you a list writer? Do you follow your New Year’s resolutions?


  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    I write lists most day, And if I don’t I lose focus. I need my lists.
    No resolutions for me. Never keep them.
    Instead I have intentions.and a word for the year.
    Last year’s word was Focus, this year’s is WILL.
    Wrote about it today …
    Congrats on the Team iBOT gig!
    Happy New Year

  • I’m not a list writer and I don’t make NYE resolutions. I don’t wear my wedding or engagement rings. I change my rings daily often and usually have some ring on it, just not the originals.

  • Sophie Allen

    I just keep mental lists, except for holiday packing. I also won’t make any resolutions this year. I wear my wedding and engagement rings all of the time, I just don’t take them off because I would also just forget to put them on every morning. I am lucky if I brush my hair in the morning, and I never remember to chuck on earrings.

    • I need to write lists, relying on mental lists would simply mean I would get nothing done 🙂

  • littlebirdlittlebee

    I’m dreadful with wearing my wedding band too! Happy new year and congratulations on joining team IBOT. 😀

  • I’m not really one for resolutions but this year I am going to try to be more patient. As for writing lists, love it. Love tickin stuff off my lots even more though! And as for the toilet paper thing, my mum got so annoyed once at the amount of toilet paper they were going through that everyone in the house was given one roll each and told that was all thy had for the week, if they ran out they would need to negotiate fr more and remember to take it to the toilet with them. As a visitor to the house it was very annoying being stuck in the loo with no TP but it got the message across to everyone pretty well! Extreme but it worked!

    • absolutely LOVE your mum’s toliet paper solution! brilliant – just brilliant!

  • hehe I never wear my engagement ring.. My wedding band is on 24/7 but my beautiful engagement ring is a 1950’s antique and I would be devestated if it fell off and I lost it.. or lost the stones… but I do wear it when we go out on a special occasion 🙂

    #teamIBOT was here 🙂

  • Lee

    I write lists all the time for myself…but I don’t make New Year resolutions…lists, yes…resolutions…no! I hope your 2013 treats you and your loved ones well, Josefa. 🙂

  • BossyMummy

    I wear my wedding and engagement rings permanently, I feel naked without them 🙂 I am a list writer, but I have never done resolutions – this year is my first and I am determined to stick to them. I am also one o f those people who write lists and include things I have already done, so I can put a line through them 🙂 happy 2013!!!

  • I actually can’t take any of my rings off now, my knuckles are too fat!

    I too am a list writer, if I don’t have a list I don’t get things done, or remember what I need to do. This year I’m with you, no resolutions, it can only lead to disappointments! Instead I will aim for more patience, spend more quality time with my children and be nicer to my husband because I have a tendency to snap at him and I hate that about myself, because I’d hate him to do that to me!. Happy New Year and I can’t wait to follow you in 2013! Emily @ http://havealaughonme.wordpress.com/

  • Catherine Rodie Blagg

    I always make new year resolutions and on the whole I stick to them (because I make SMART goals and have experience in life coaching). I think the symbolism of a new year/new beginning can be very powerful for some.
    I can’t get my rings off as my fingers swelled during pregnancy and never went back to normal!! I’d actually like to take them off – they could do with a polish!
    Congratulations on joining team IBOT and happy new year xx

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I love making lists but I don’t make NY resolutions – I like to make plans for the coming year and work out what I need to do to achieve them !
    I love my wedding ring / set – I can’t really wear it by itself as it has cut outs on either side for my engagement and my eternity ring – but that is OK because unless I am treating clients – they are always on my finger. My engagement ring is a reminder of my gran and my mom, both of whose diamonds I have used along with my own to make a whole brand new engagement ring – I love it and all that it symbolises to me.
    Have the best year ever !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  • Krystle Sky

    I write lists. I never used to but I don’t think I ever recovered from the pregnancy induced amnesia! I went to the grocery shop yesterday without a list and consequently forgot more things than I remembered. I like having a daily list with all the things I want to get done, and having a visible list means sometimes the husband will lend a hand with things he know I want finished.

    As for wedding rings, I feel a little lost without mine. I only take them off to shower because I worry they’ll slip with soap or conditioner. Besides I’ve had a few scare with leaving them on the bedside table and having a toddler discover them. It’s safer to just keep them on 🙂

  • I’m a list writer when it comes to going on holidays so that I don’t forget the important things. other times I can;’t really keep a list. I love your ring and hope that you will keep wearing it. my husband hasn’t worn his wedding ring since we got married because he can’t for work reasons. while we were moving houses and he had some days off he decided to wear it and he has lost it somewhere. I’m not sad about it because he never wore it anyways and it wasn’t an expensive ring.

  • Rach

    I love lists but have never written a new years one- I went out without my wedding ring on the other day it was the first time I had done it since I was married it is bizarre how it makes you feel somewhat naked like you are no longer part of a team….

  • I am totally a list writer. But I like to write them out then leave them places I can’t remember where I left them. And I think, “I had a list for this…what did I do with it?” I actually think I just like the writing part of it, not really the whole having a list thing at all! As for NY resolutions…I resolved one year to give them up – the only resolution that ever stuck!

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I actually did well with my resolutions last year. Unfortunately I’m struggling to pin down what I want to achieve this year – just too many to choose from!

  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    I am a great list maker too but the resolution list is usually pretty pointless. I figure you should make big life changes/lifestyle changes when it’s the right time for you – not because it’s the 1st Jan. I love your mini-resolution about the ring though – simple and meaningful. Happy new year 🙂

  • Rhianna

    I used to be a list writer but have thrown it in because I was never a list ticker and if you don’t tick why have a list? I am still unsure of how to word what I am hoping from the year. Mainly just lots of positivity and forward moving. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses.
    Congratulations and welcome to #teamIBOT

  • I like lists. They keep me focused and without them I can be a little bit too airy fairy.
    I think just focusing on one thing at a time though is the best new years resolution. Get the ring happening, and then maybe you can work on using less toilet paper too 😉

  • Beck

    I’m a list lover !! they help me to keep on track

  • It made me laugh that you made a resolution to use less toilet paper. I should probably make that resolution, but realistically I’m going to continue my extravagent toilet paper use, so why bother? I used to love making lists. Now I’m so busy that making lists tends to depress me with how much I won’t get done. But if I don’t write it down, I forget about it, so a list is mandatory.
    Visiting from IBOT.

  • I am a list writer but sometimes it is the things we don’t write down that are the most important. Wishing all the wonder that 2013 can bring x

  • New years resolutions are so easy to break…but the symbolism of the ring both practical and emotional is such a lovely reminder. I found that with my second marriage the ring means so much more to me because I know it was chosen with love and tenderness and from a man who knew me well. Thanks so much for linking up – happy new year x

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I can’t FIT into my engagement and wedding rings! Maybe I should make the same resolution but it is just a sly way of saying lose weight fatty? Heh

  • Loree

    I write lists but I do not make new year’s resolutions. I never keep them anyway. But, like you, I am resolved to focus on the good and on the positive this year.

  • Renée Harwood

    I’ve never done the resolutions thing. I just disappoint myself! That is one gorgeous ring so I can’t imagine your decision will be a hard one to stick with 🙂

  • I’m terrible at writing lists and I don’t believe in NY resolutions. But I do wear my wedding ring, my engagement ring and the ring I got for my 40th every day. They’re all beautiful reminders of how blessed I am.

  • I don’t usually write down new year resolutions. I’ve written down some goals that I have this year (Well, I blogged them – talk about putting it out there). But none of them are unreasonable. None of them are asking much of myself. They’re all about the new me I’ve been creating for several months now anyway. It’s more a continuation.

    I don’t know how to explain how good it feels to start a new year already doing all of the typical NY Resolutions. TO have already made a habit out of the things I normally resolve to attempt. It’s an amazing feeling.

    When I went on my medication, I ballooned 30kgs. So I had to stop wearing my wedding rings. I have since lost 20 of them. But because of my arthritis, I now can’t get them past my knuckles. And every time I leave the house without them, I feel sad. So This is a great reminder. I need to bite the bullet and have them resized.

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