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Everyone makes mistakes

aj_sdc_200Some things are just meant to be easy. Straight forward, easy and hassle free. Like the time when I was so rushed and distracted while reversing out of my mum’s driveway that I didn’t notice my sister’s partner driving in. Even at a few kilometres an hour speed I hit his front end. It wasn’t nice. I was sorry. He understood. And the next part was supposed to be easy. Dead easy.

I immediately contacted my insurance company, made the claim, paid my excess and considered the job done. Easy. Yet, the next part was far from easy. A few weeks later the phone calls began. Demanding, arrogant and almost threatening phone calls that did not stop, even when I kept insisting that the matter was being handled by my insurance company.

Phone calls that were followed one school holiday morning by a debt collector almost bowling down my front door. I was petrified. The boys were home, all of us in our pj’s, waiting to catch a movie with friends in the afternoon and this man was demanding I open up so he could serve me papers. Serve me what??


There was no way I was opening my door. Let alone to one angry and infuriated stranger. He left the papers at my door step. When I opened the envelope I found out, with a gut sinking feeling, that I had be summoned to the Magistrate’s Court. I felt like I was going to pass out.

Something that was meant to be easy had escalated and now was complicated and felt very much out of control. A very long story cut short and it turns out that a few lies, a very questionable panel beater and an interesting insurance company acting on his behalf thought the simple straight forward insurance game was not something they wanted to play. Let alone play by the rules.

My insurance company was supportive, understanding and reliable and their team of lawyers sorted everything out in the end. But the end was a long way off. There were meetings, lots of papers to sign, an endless stream of phone calls and angst. Lots of angst.


What made matters worse? My sister’s partner was innocent in all this. He had no idea that any of these shenanigans were going on until I told him and even then the avalanche had detached and he couldn’t stop the fall out.

What started out as something simple and easy turned into a very long drawn out headache that pulsed in the background of my mind for so many months of this year. Even when I knew my insurance company and their lawyers were taking care of things, I still couldn’t find rest in my mind till I absolutely knew it was all over.

It did end. Compensation, cars and insurance companies all were sorted out. I will be more careful reversing out my mum’s driveway. And if there ever is a next time, for whatever reason, I will be quick to get myself some legal advice right away. For some situations are meant to be easy and if they are not, then you need to get the right people on board to make sure it is easy.


Do you have any car accident stories to share?
Even silly little ones reversing out of your mum’s driveway?


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Firths The Compensation Lawyers. Their team of lawyers are compensation specialists and have recovered over $1 billion in compensation for tens of thousands of Australians. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • What a nuisance! Seems so unnecessary! Glad you were looked after.

  • What the…???? I hope that insurance company was raked through the coals!? I’ve had a couple of dings – mostly with stationery objects that I hit myself! But I did have a taxi driver run up the back of me at a roundabout once. I got his name, DL #, and taxi # thinking that was enough. Nope, I was supposed to get his address too – who knew that?! Of course the taxi company was unwilling to help me. Thankfully I know cops! And one of them found the guy for me. PHEW! Otherwise I’d have been looking at paying the deductible!?!? I don’t trust insurance companies. I’m glad your issue got sorted out. The fact your sister’s partner didn’t know blows my mind! What right does that ins company have to cause such an issue?!

    • Aroha I was so upset about it simply because it was unnecessary and really the absolute wrong way to go about it! Gosh luck y you found out who your taxi driver guy was! It boggles me why these situations can’t be easy – when they really should be xx

  • Oh no! How scary, stressful and unnecessary for you. I’m glad it all got sorted out in the end. I’ve backed into Dave’s car in our driveway before. I felt pretty silly calling up about that one.

    • Oh I certainly felt silly reversing into my sister’s partner and then the whole situation blows out of control making me feel even sillier!

  • Cute images btw

  • Natalie @OurParallelConnection

    And you wonder why we hate insurance companies ( sorry if you work for one). I reversed out of my driveway and hit my husbands car… Hmmmm easily sorted out, just a stupid ( and expensive) mistake.

  • Natalie @OurParallelConnection

    And you wonder why we hate insurance companies ( sorry if you work for one). I reversed out of my driveway and hit my husbands car… Hmmmm easily sorted out, just a stupid ( and expensive) mistake.

    • Natalie, I certainly do not work for one 😉 I am starting to think that maybe more accidents than we realise happen while reversing out of driveways :/

  • What a lot of unnecessary stress! At least, your insurance company had your back, and now it’s over, you can really relax. I can’t drive which although a tad inconvenient, on the flip side, makes me environmentally friendly and unable to cause an accident! I would be a danger on wheels!

    • Oh I am glad it is over and my insurance company and lawyers took care of it brilliantly – but still there was all that unnecessary stress xx

  • Kylie Thomas

    I think what makes the anxiety worse in these situations is the invasion of privacy that makes you feel threatened. It is a horrible feeling to have. I’m glad this ordeal is over for you.

    • I absolutely agree Kylie, the invasion of privacy was one of the worse aspects of this whole thing. When someone is trying to bash down your front door, and you are inside with your kids, the situation cannot help but feel helpless and sickening xx

  • That’s awful Josefa and so stressful! It’s bad enough dealing with insurance companies when making a claim let alone finding out they are doing a dodgy! Loved those pictures too. You’re such a creative soul! X

    • Oh it was awful to find out they were trying to to a dodgy! It was not fun to be on the receing end of this whole ordeal 🙁

  • What a terrible stressful experience!

  • Nightmare! You poor thing!

    When I was 19 I was driving my friend’s crappy car (I was a terrible, terrible driver back then with all the confidence of youth) and I accidentally drove into the back of a Porsche on the Harbour Bridge during peak hour. STRESSFUL. I cried and had a short skirt on so the Porsche driver let me off. It is the one and only time I have deliberately played the dumb girl act. Promise. x

    • Well played Bron, well played – I think there is a time and a place to draw the dumb girl act card and you certainly used it well 😉

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