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Do You Look After Yourself?


Probably second to “how do you manage to do so much?” I find myself being asked “are you looking after yourself?” Since having my boys, I have stopped even knowing what that question means. When I was juggling a newborn I thought it meant “are you getting enough sleep?” Quite seriously in that case, the answer was always “no.”

Now that I do get my sleep (most nights anyway) I still find myself struggling to answer the question. I don’t do yoga, go for a morning run, drink juice smoothies on a daily basis or have any quinoa in my pantry. I do drink way too much coffee, jam so much into my days that I fall into an exhausted heap most nights and find myself eating more snacks throughout my day than whole meals. But I’m not beating myself up over it. If anything, I’m happy. More than happy, this little crazy juggle that I have going works on most days – for me.

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As for looking after myself, well over the past seven years my priorities have changed and as a consequence so have my choices. Time is micromanaged in my life and where I commit that time has evolved from the days of pre-children to now. Spending long hours idling away at hairdressers, beauty salons and day spa’s isn’t really something I prioritise anymore. But I still like to “look after myself” I just prefer to get most of things done more efficiently, in less time and at home. Now I do have some indulgences, can’t live without my nails or my lashes, but everything else I seem to manage on my own.

Most days I am make-up free, I always have been this kind of girl and I don’t think that is going to change. So as long as I have my lashes and clean skin (and my BB eye cream for the days when sleep hasn’t been that great) I feel like I am all set. I am a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to clean skin and even though facials are not something I opt-in for, that doesn’t mean I can’t achieve clean skin at home.

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The Philips VisaPure facial cleaning brush is a quick and easy way to keep skin clean and radiant, without too much hassle. It is easy to use as part of my morning routine and even easier still to use while having a shower. I simply use my normal facial cleanser and instead of giving my face a clean with my hands, I use the wand instead. My face does feel cleaner; it does feel softer and on most days looks subtle and healthy. So for someone who needs her beauty routine to be quick and simple, this is perfect and helps me feel like I am looking after myself.

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One lucky reader has the opportunity to win a Philips VisaPure (valued at $199)! Simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below and let me know: how do you look after yourself?


Disclosure: Do You Look After Yourself? was written in collaboration with Philips, for more awesome details about the Philips VisaPure please visit this linkAll opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    This looks fantastic. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I look after myself by trying to not eat too much junk and most recently walking. I am going to the doctor tomorrow though to have a check up. There are a couple of things that have been niggling away for almost four years that I have ignored because I’ve been too busy. Now it’s time to make time for me 🙂 Great prize, Josefa 🙂 x

  • angela shaw

    I’ve never really looked after myself but recently I’ve tried to make a change. Its like a simple recipe: eat well (but allow yourself a treat), give yourself a 5min timeout to paper your face, be active when you can and sleep. To make sure this sticks together, allow yourself to make mistakes.

    …if only I can stick to the recipe!

  • Kelly Sammut

    I’ve started looking after myself by visiting a naturopath to sort out some gentle changes to make to improve my health and energy levels – with two little ones, the day spa visits are long past!

  • Stink! Australian Residents only 🙁 What a great giveaway and a great post! Hope it goes well for you 🙂 xxx

  • I (try to) keep my attitude in check – right now I am in be the best of situations , yet I search out beauty, peace and love in everyday…and i eat well and exercise as much as I can.

  • Pinky Poinker

    Love those lashes! I used to get them too but at my age I was starting to look like a drag queen so I stopped. I have one of those brushes and have to say they’re wonderful. You don’t have to use exfoliants with all those tiny pieces of plastic which go out into the ocean and are eaten by the fish which we then eat!

  • If it’ll give me skin like yours, I’ll go buy one! I sometimes find when you’re so busy, it’s when you stop that your body shuts down. It’s just better to keep going!! 🙂 Do I look after myself? I don’t know, I do personal training 2x a week, I play tennis 1 sometimes 2 times a week, I have a daily skin regimen, I guess I do the best I can? x

  • Elise

    Good grief, do you realise you could pass for the packaging model!? I look after myself with bath bombs, I love that fizzle as I sink into steaming water and its more a mental process than a physical one – it just relaxes me!

  • Gosh I think you read my mind! I KNOW I need to look after myself more and coffee and jam are totally my friends. Thanks for the reminder we need to take time out and it can be as easy as building into the routine rather than adding something to it!

  • Dianne Childs

    I use Silicia gel for my skin and hair as it helps with connective tissue, and I take Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins. I try to drink lots of water, but I admit I could eat better!

  • Rebecca Thompson

    I look after myself by ensuring I eat well and have a good skin care routine. It is obviously not as good as yours as I’d die for your skin!

  • Nikita Tasi

    I look after myself by ensuring I have R’n’R time and am able to get at least an hour of whatever I want to do time a day! Having a long bath, a hot shower, a nap or having a girly day with my little one at the shop haha!

    P.S I love your eyelashes! So beautiful and long x


  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I don’t look after myself and that is why I am a damn mess.

    And woman, I would KILL for your skin and eyebrows.

  • At the moment I don’t think I look after myself at all. Yesterday I went the entire day without eating beause there was no time. So I certainly don’t have time for any beauty routine! I need to though!

  • The kids Menu

    Nails and lashes! Oh I can only dream. I think I am doing well if I shampoo and shave =)

  • Beck/craftypjmum

    I have been a mum for almost twenty one years now. And although like you I get sleep most nights. The one thing I do make sure I do for “me time” and looking after myself is a monthly cut and colour at my fav hairdresser. Xx

  • Kathy www.yinyangmother.com

    I don’t look after myself much, other than my yoga. Must. Have. Better. Skin. Routine. You look radiant, so your routine and that cleansing brush seem to be doing the trick. Plus its in your smile!

  • I do – nothing! Actually the less I do the better. Occasionally I use mascara, but it’s usually a very special occasion. You look beautiful and natural. x

  • I use a cleanser in the shower, and then moisturise when I’m out. I’m like you and like simple. This looks like a cool toy

  • kookla123

    After a health scare late last year, I made the decision to change my lifestyle. I now wake up early and do exercise, and I eat healthier too.
    As far as a beauty routine, I actually don’t like wearing much make-up, but that requires having skin that looks polished and refreshed, which I don’t have. Winning this would be a real treat as I would never be able to afford something so luxurious! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • I cleanse, tone, moisturise like clockwork and have done every single night and day of my life since I was 12. If only I had the same vigilance with my fitness…. er…. um… x

  • The giveaway is now closed.
    Thank you to everyone who entered. Anglea Shaw I love the idea that looking after yourself is like following a simple recipe! You are the winner of the Philips VisaPure – please check your email. Hope you stick to the recipe! Josefa xx

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