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Daddy was Right – Giveaway

It was a rare, sunny day in late October. Barbeque. Friends. Champagne. Lamb. A backyard littered with toys. The kids were like rabbits, hopping from one toy to the next. AJ had managed to climb onto a wooden balance bike that was leaning against the back garden shed. He wobbled around trying to make sense of how this new toy worked – he had never seen one before. I thought he was being silly. He had a bike at home, a proper bike, with training wheels – why couldn’t he manage this bike? Distracted by champagne and adult conversation, I left him to his muddles. Hubby leant in and interrupted the conversation, “we should get the boys a balance bike for Christmas.”

“What? No of course we shouldn’t! They have so many toys and so many different bikes. I’m not buying another one!”

“But they need a balance bike. They need to learn to keep their balance, shift their weight around, before hooning down the street on training wheels.”

I couldn’t believe we were arguing over a bike.

For most of the afternoon my boys kept going back to that balance bike. They kept having a go and trying to make sense of how it all worked. During the drive home, I kept thinking about that bike. It didn’t make sense why my boys just couldn’t get it. Maybe I needed to re-think this one?

A few days later Tiger Tribe approached me with a balance bike for my boys to play with, I knew right then, it was a sign. So I said ‘yes’ straight away.

Instantly, the boys loved the wooden balance bike. Little PJ, who is 3, found all sorts of treasures to put in the front red basket. My boys are “boy boys” so the bike was under my arm and on the way to the park within moments. I was surprised at how light the bike actually was and how easy it was to carry.

PJ was a little confused at first and asked why there were no pedals and no training wheels. So I asked him what we could use as pedals instead. He looked down, laughed and said with his cheeky grin “my feet!”

At the park, PJ wobbled at first, then pushed around on the bike. I was quite impressed at how quickly he got the hang of it all. He still couldn’t manage a bike with pedals and training wheels on his own, and more often than not, chose his tricycle over his bike. But this balance bike seemed to have him enthralled. Maybe it was the sense of confidence he gained.

AJ, who is 5, was a little more cautious on the bike. Taking more time to get his balance, plant his feet and move along slowly. The bike is sturdy, well made and seems very durable. The seat has three adjustable positions, so it is easy to accommodate growing boys and fighting brothers. I quite like the rubber hand grips and the inflatable tyres, two things that can help this bike last longer and sustain more use from my little ones.

So it seemed mummy was indeed wrong and daddy was right. Something I don’t admit to very often. My boys do need a balance bike. I would never have thought that little PJ could balance a bike on his own. Yet there he was giving it a good go and loving it at the same time. The bike would have been a perfect Christmas gift for our boys. A perfect gift for any child.

One lucky reader of always Josefa has the chance to win a Tiger Tribe Wooden Balance Bike. Valued at $120 this could be an easy way to tick off a present from the Christmas list and surprise your own little person with an easy, safe and fun way to build their confidence.

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Disclosure: Tiger Tribe gave my boys the balance bike that they are seen playing with. All opinions expressed are my own.


  • Simone Scoullar

    Suggesting our 11 yr old should continuously jump in one spot on our weathered trampoline for exercise. He went through it. I was wrong!

  • Mother Down Under

    I have been completely wrong so many time during the past eighteen months…ever since my boy was born!
    I thought motherhood would be easy…turns out I was so wrong! It is a huge challenge but one that I love and that has been so rewarding.

    Great giveaway…I like you on Facebook!

  • Apparently, as a mother in MY household & EVERY other mother I know. We are ALWAYS the ones who are wrong in the eyes of our children..Lol : )

  • Kirrily

    That time I told my daughter she was fine when she said she was unwell. And she threw up in our bed… Yeah, then!

    My girl is 6 and still too scared to try riding even though she has a bike. I’ve been meaning for so long to get her one of these and now fear we’ve left it ‘too late’…! Another time I’ve been wrong! Have just liked your FB page. Cheers 🙂

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    When I was Younger I always used to Fight with my Mum and Know now that I am a Mother myself I always Think ‘Oh Goodness Mum was Right’ .

  • We’ve all been wrong about something, the smart bit is to admit it and learn from it.

  • Told hubby adament I was driving the right way. Got to the intersection, wrong! ‘I wasn’t going to try and correct you’ Smart Man.

  • Wrong me never…this is hard….buying the cheaper version to save just to have it break and go and buy the ‘real’ one anyways

  • Kim m

    My daughter always gets ear infections two days after getting really cold. I didnt believe it for years, very wrong!

  • Anita B

    I thought I would be the more natural parent, but my husband has proved me wrong – he was born to be a father.

  • Lisa Abejja

    In telling my husband I could work out the way to pick up our new puppy. I got terribly lost and although I had the road map I had to shamefacedly call him to help me, he directed me over the phone so that I could find my way back to civilisation again. He still likes to remind me of it when I offer to drive us somewhere and continuously tells me not to get lost… Meanie 😛

  • Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    When it comes to that time of the month in my partners eyes, I’m wrong about everything!

  • Melissa O

    I was wrong about one of my friends, I though she was not a nice person when I first met her in high school, she grew on me so much she became one of my best friends.

  • Kelly Arndt

    I was wrong thinking I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy after three girls- My son is one of my life’s greatest joys!

  • Mel Boerma

    In my late teens and twenties when I said I didn’t want to have kids. Two kids now, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

  • kerry santillo

    I have been wrong about my age all these years!!!! The kids now in their twenties finally worked it out , haha omg 😛

  • Michelle V

    Thinking I’d be right
    I swapped hubby’s heavy beer to light
    He grimaced, groaned and refused
    Now we’re left with beer that’s unused!

  • Di

    Blaming our little dog for poohing all over the grass, and not around the side of the house where he should be AND then I caught our very old cat in the act! Who’d have ever thought a cat would make like a dog when doing his business. How wrong I was!

  • Diana

    My brother’s fiance, I hated her instantly for so many reasons & now we’re the best of friends. I couldn’t have been more wrong about someone. Now I try to not always judge a book by it’s cover.

  • Every time I believed the world was going to end because facebook told me so

  • Rebekah

    Friends offered to give our 2yo a balance bike last Christmas but I dismissed it – embarrassingly extravagant! Seeing your post, it was a big mistake!

  • Cath

    My first job was interstate. I said I’d be gone 3 months… 15 years later I’m still interstate. Sometimes being wrong can bring amazing opportunities.

  • When i listened to the negative people as a child now i have proved them and everyone wrong many times over!

  • MC

    Dismissing bodily changes as mere bloating and overeating. In fact, I was 9 weeks preggers! Best ‘being wrong’ of my life 🙂

  • sarah_bell104

    i spent my whole pregnancy worrying i would be a bad mother (probably like a lot of other new mums), but luckily i was very wrong about it. of course i have my moments, but on the whole i have a healthy happy bubba boy and i am sain, well most of the time!

  • Panda Blue

    The many times I wanted to help our son; now I’ve learnt to
    listen to my husband’s “He’ll be fine”. And almost always, he is!

  • I was very insistent that everybody stuck to the same sleeping and food routine with my son. We recently went on holidays and had to throw all the routine out the window and we all had a great time (and my son was completely fine and happy)!

  • Emma L

    “I will not be like my mother” … every day I shudder at how much I sound like her when parenting!

  • Never thought I would call the posion line after my daughter ate the toilet block & turned into the amazing bubble burping kid….wrong!

  • SalBeauRuby

    Never thought I would be wrong when I just thought my 2 month old just had a common cold with high temps, but it turned out to be meningitis, and ended up spending two night in the Monash children’s 🙁

  • Thinking a boy I knew in high school was not a nice person and a pain in the bottom.Turns out I was wrong,he is now my wonderful hubby.PS he is still a pain in the bottom sometimes.

  • Kathrine B

    I never thought I could run a marathon and now I have completed 4! Now I just have to learn to enjoy the pain…

  • I have been wrong that parenting is easy, some days are good, some days it is the hardest job in the world.

  • Farrah

    Ignoring Hubby advice got my car scratches and dent.
    Park on a higher ground to avoid runaway trolley,never once
    take his advice seriously.

  • Suzie Love

    I thought if I dyed a t-shirt in beetroot juice it would come up just dandy but I was wrong and it was sticky and stiff and just hilarious!

  • Thought i was having a girl last pregnancy, partner thought otherwise! He was right i was wrong but love my 2nd little boy very much!!

  • Lisa

    Thought I could never love another as much as I loved my first born son. Then I had his brother. Couldn’t have been more wrong.

  • Sonia

    According to my 3 young gorgeous children, Mum is always wrong about what food we should eat, which places we should visit, what clothes we need to wear, and what are the cool things to do. Luckily they always come back for a kiss and a cuddle every night so I must do something right occasionally!

  • Kirsty Breen

    I was wrong in thinking motherhood would come naturally and be a breeze but I am now reaping the rewards of y efforts!

  • Sophie Allen

    Great giveaway!

    We have one, they don’t use it so much, but that has alot to do with us living on a hill, on 23 acres of bush that is all dooooown. They use it on the deck! 🙂

  • LydiaCLee

    Great giveaway. I wouldn’t mind scooting round on one of those myself!

  • Kevin

    Good review. We got sold on balance bikes a few months ago and bought one for xmas. I like the logic of learnign to balance before learning to pedal

  • I thought ‘Motherhood isn’t for me’,
    How wrong could I possibly be.
    Instantly feeling the love inside,
    Maternal feelings I’ve sure been supplied.


  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    I’d never thought of the skill of balance before – it’s a good point!

  • I’ve never actually heard of a balance bike. I’m trying to get my boys into bike riding but they complain about the effort that it takes. At first I thought that they were ridiculously lazy children, until I tried to ride a bike myself for the first time in YEARS and realised that it really does hurt! x

  • How cute is that! My littlest just who is 4, just came off training wheels. She is so proud of herself and it is so nice walking/riding with her now. But my little nephew would love this.

    I was wrong recently (hate to admit it), in our new house my study/office has a window seat and everyone kept telling me to put hinges on it for storage and I was no, no we have enough storage. you know what? I wish I had have!

  • Danya Banya

    Living with a toddler, I am wrong every day! Sandwich cut the wrong way, toy put in the wrong box, etc. She’s asserting her independence…

  • I have never heard of a balance bike before now. Interesting idea. Mia isn’t quite at that stage but I’m sure, seeing as she seems to have inherited her fathers astounding physicality, that she would master it in no time!

  • I saw a friend with one of these the other day and he said it was brilliant! When have I been wrong (where I am prepared to admit I was wrong!)? I thought I would get bored being a stay at home mum. Couldn’t have been more wrong. Love, love, love!

  • Yellow_Dandy

    I was planning on getting one of these for my son for Christmas! They look awesome.
    I was wrong when I thought I would be a laid back Mum.. and just fit the kids in with our schedule, well I’m not!

  • I love these, they look like such fun. I’m wrong all the time, especially when it comes to parenting – I think that’s the biggest lesson I had to learn -all new mums should prepare to be wrong a lot!

  • Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    Meh. I am never wrong.

    I just berate you until you agree with me.

  • Tracey

    I was wrong when I thought I would never be able to love another baby as much as the first. Very very wrong! I now have 3 beautiful girls and love every little different thing about each of them.

  • CAthy

    Deep down while I was pregnant I felt we were having a girl.i didn’t even think of boys names! WRONG!!

  • Monica

    First impressions…hmmm, he dressed like a dag, drove a beat up old car, didnt talk alot…16yrs later he is still the most kind gentle loving guy ever! My first impression was definately wrong!

  • Karlene

    Today we were vacuum shopping and I insisted on an upright. Hubby said they’re awkward -a barrel is better. I won (actually I lose!)

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Because my son is legally blind I assumed he would not like ice skating and would have trouble getting around. Happily, I was so wrong!

  • charlichops

    Where to start. 80’s hairstyles, leg warmers, midriff tops.Biggest blunder ever, the 80’s and my head space.

  • I think the better question would be “when was I right?”.

  • Kirsty Breen

    I’m generally too trusting and have been wrong by reading people poorly in the past….

  • Emma ‘Always Right’

    I’m never wrong 😉 Didn’t you know my middle name is Always, and my last name is Right?

  • Rebecca Bird

    I would never have kids! Father’s Day 2006, BAM, 2 lines! Three babies later, every perfect little smile makes me thankful how wrong I was!

  • Kylie Embury

    What is this “wrong” of which you speak,
    I’m Ms Right…except last week
    Hubby said “toddler’s ill”
    I said “he’s fine”, until…

    SPEW- Ewww!

  • Michelle van Schouwen

    Unplanned pregnancies only happen to irresponsible people…right? UNTIL I found out ‘responsible’ me was pregnant. Bringing her into this world wasn’t a ‘wrong’ idea!

  • Michelle Gray

    I was so very wrong when I thought having a child wouldn’t really change my life that much. I though I could continue my lifestyle and just take a baby with me, lol. I now have a life so different to before and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!

  • Angie Boylan

    I was so wrong when I thought I knew more than my mum as a teenager, I knew nothing and was so glad she forced me to listen and take her advice!

  • tweet

    It was almost 9pm and all through the house
    Not a child was stirring…ahhh, bliss….
    Pitter patter…”Mummmmm!”

  • The Tiger Tribe Balance Bike giveaway is now closed.

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