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Are you a blogger or a writer?

In a passing conversation a few weeks ago a comment was said that really set me thinking. Among a group of writers the words hung precariously in the air: “I don’t want to be a “blogger”. Nothing wrong with bloggers but just not the title I’m after.” I must admit that as soon as the words were uttered my stomach twisted itself into a little knot and in a tight squeeze I wondered “why not? What is so wrong with being a blogger?”


I certainly respect that not everyone may want to be a blogger and diversity is not only good it is a necessity. But my twitching uncertainty over the label of a blogger versus a writer made me start to wonder: am I a blogger or a writer? Is there a difference? And more so, can a person ever be both?


As a society we are so transfixed on labelling everything. It is almost like we walk around with little Dymo label makers, madly punching out sticky words, printing them and adhering them onto everything and everyone. In this particular case, is it possible to stick two labels on the one person – blogger and writer?


I started my blog to write. Rewind time and circumstance and perhaps my only opportunity to write would have been to draft manuscript after manuscript and submit these to publishers in anxious anticipation. Or simply keep the words locked up in journals that now collect dust on my top shelf. Now while I certainly can still write those manuscripts and I do still keep a journal. There is a little place made of magic where my words can exist in a way that never could before – my blog.


I could wax lyrical that I blog therefore I am. I write therefore I breathe. But honestly I think it is much simpler than that. I write my words in ways and voices that shift and change. I use those words as a voice on platforms that are my own and platforms that belong to others. I write my words to connect with others. That connection has a heart and at its soul is my blog. Here lies a community of people that come to read my words.


Being a blogger is not just a title I am after; it is a title that gives me immense pride. Being a writer is not just a title I am after; it is a title that gives me my most humble of blessings. So I am both a blogger and a writer. While they may certainly never be the same, in my life they are equally important.


So many voices are coming together, almost like a church choir in song, post after post of heart felt words of why bloggers write. Are these bloggers not writers? Are these writers not bloggers? And more so, in an ever changing landscape of the way we connect and communicate – do we even need to draw a line?


We are simply a community connected by our words, we always have been. Blogger, writer, dancer or dreamer, I would much rather be united in our differences than divided by them.

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Are you a blogger or a writer? Is there a difference? Can a person ever be both?


A HUGE hug and heartfelt thank you to the amazing women who took a moment out of their day to contribute to this post ~ if you have not met them yet please take a minute to say hello to the gorgeous, talented and fabulous: Bron from Maxabella Loves, Mrs Woog from Woogsworld, Sonia from Sonia Styling, Sash from Inked in Colour, Jodi from Practising Simplicity, Danielle from Keeping up with the Holsbys, Cherie from Raising Master Max and Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups  xx

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Really interesting post, Josefa. I too picked up through the why I write posts people using writer vs blogger and vice versa. Interestingly, on my business cards I had created recently I put blogger/writer. I deliberated over whether these words are interchangeable or not. Are they one in the same? Are they different? In the end I decided just like Danielle above – who cares, it’s just semantics. I’m chuffed to consider myself either of those and why do we need to label ourselves anyway? Do what you love, call yourself what you want to, let’s not make it a big issue xx

  • LydiaCLee

    I think Danielle is probably closest. It’s semantics. If you are writing, you’re a writer, the format is irrelevant. It’s like the Graphic Novel vs Comic. There is a difference but really it’s just to sound more grown up to non-comic readers….There is a stigma to blogging in the non-blogging writing world. It’s an old fashioned view but it is still there…I say I have a blog (2 blogs) but I write for WN. So go figure…

  • Lee-Anne Walker

    It’s an interesting distinction and I enjoyed reading the range of bloggers and opinions in your post, Josefa. Personally, I wrote stuff long before I blogged but I don’t like neat categories and I’ve gleaned that some think it’s pretentious to call yourself a ‘writer’.

    I’m not big on labels – writer, blogger, wordsmith – it’s all a cool way to spend your time. 🙂

  • Samantha Turnbull

    I like Sash’s quote the best – I’m a writer who has a blog. But, really, anyone who says blogging is not writing is just a little bit of a snob 🙂

  • I think the two are a little different. I think the beauty of blogging is you don’t need to be a writer to do it. There is no editor, no submission process, just a person telling their story. I think when people say they are ‘a writer’ it refers more to the professional occupation (or at least aspirations thereof) and covers a broader range of genres. But there are writers who blog and bloggers who are also writers. You can definitely be both.

  • mumabulous

    Its interesting question. My first thought is that there is no great difference. If your writing has an audience it doesn’t matter what format it takes. Still – I think of myself as someone who was once a writer (when I worked in equity research) but is now just having a great time on the internet 😉

  • +1 for Danielle’s comments! What’s the difference? I think a writer is someone who writes, no matter what the context or genre or medium. The other debate that gets me is “writer or journalist” well, a journalist writes too! I agree, all too hung up on labels and can’t see the forest for the trees. Great post Josefa, as always. xo

  • The Plumbette

    I think they are one in the same really. A writer can be a journalist, novelist. Copywriter and etc. I love Danielle’s comment the most. A blog is another form of writing. Sometimes we get so hung up on titles. Maybe it doesn’t affect me as much because I’m a plumber and plumbers aren’t a creative career like writing is.

  • I would call myself a blogger. I like to share and focus on the ‘how to’, and the words are a means to an end to achieve. I wouldn’t call myself a writer, I’m a little black and white in how I write.

  • Bloggers are writers. They are writing. It’s another form writing takes, just as a play script is written, an article is written or the back of a cereal box is written. There are different industries for all different types of writing, which is natural. And those industries and audiences appreciate different things. But if you are stringing words together and people are reading it, you are a writer. Blogs have been so great for writers I reckon, especially fresh faced writers like you and me. They give us a place to test our words for an audience. We get interaction and feedback, and importantly build a community around our writing. Like you, I wouldn’t consider myself a writer (officially) if it weren’t for my blog and the opportunities it has opened for me. x

    • *squeeze* That was me reaching out giving you a big hug Zanni, kindred spirits we are, think alike on so many things xx

  • Sorry I didn’t get back to you in time!

  • Thank you for including me in this mix of incredibly talented blogger-slash-writers! I’m with you Josefa – I started my blog to write. I also agree with Danielle (gosh she worded her thoughts so well!)… It’s an interesting topic of conversation and intriguing to see what others think.

  • I consider myself a blogger more than a writer as I like to share what I find and occasionally write from my heart. I enjoyed reading this topic and I guess it will always be a choice in the persons own eyes. V x

  • I am definitely a writer…

    My website – or blog, for want of a better word – is one of the places I share my writing…

    One day I’ll share my writing in a book as well… but it’s all “writing”

  • lifeatno2

    Great post and I love the opinions expressed by the lovely ladies above! I think I am much like Cherie, a writer who blogs, it is my little space to share my words how I see fit. I’ve always loved writing, crafting my words even from a young age, and now my blog is my space to put my words out there. But I also agree with Sonia, where ‘real’ writers may not agree with my sentiments.

  • Not sure why I couldn’t comment in Google Chrome, anyway here I am (using Firefox!). I am a writer and blogger, and hopefully one day published author. But I think, as the lovely ladies above have proven, it is different for everyone.
    No one needs to be put in a box.
    Writing is such a beautiful creative form because it comes in so many different forms. Even as a writer I write in different ways. Professionally for web copy, informative for feature articles (which includes different styles and tones depending on who I’m writing for), then there is my blog which is my voice and then there is my fiction, which again, depending on what I’m writing comes in different styles and tones. Simply writing is just sublime.

  • What a great read. I feel I am a blogger and a novice one at that. I don’t have vast literary skill. I just write my thoughts in my own words so that anyone who reads it feels I am directly talking to them. I am happy with that and I will leave the title of “writer” to those far more qualified than me 🙂 I just love sharing my thoughts and heart on my tiny part of the internet. Maria. x

  • I’m a Blogger who would also like to be a writer. Of course as a Blogger I write however I publish my work on my site and some people may come and read it. Whereas as a write someone else would choose to publish my ramblings. Putting yourself out there for your work to be judged and possibly declined is scary – but I’m building the courage.
    That’s my own personal definition of the 2. When someone asks what I do I say “I write” because that’s what I do as a Blogger or a professional writer.

  • So as a writer who only starting blogging 18 months ago I’d have to say there is a difference, in my case, not for everyone. But I’m a writer and a blogger, in my case they aren’t the same. Blogging isn’t so much a formula as most writing is, blogging is probably more from the heart… great subject for a blog post.

  • Do you write or are you a writer? To me a writer is someone gets paid to write.
    I imagine most writers have begun writing in secret in their bedrooms then they submit to publishers with fingers and toes crossed, they may get rejected and they may receive constructive criticism. Bloggers are putting their secret words out for all to see, crafting their words through feedback and reading other people’s blogs. Some may transcend into be a paid writer. Others are content to just write.

  • Oh it’s a tough one. I would say that in some cases, yes you can be both. But there are some people who write who don’t blog, and some who blog but aren’t writers. To me a blog is something you do, but a writer is who you are.

    • I love this Jess, I really do – something about “a writer is who you are” that really hit home xx

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    I think a big part of the wider perception is that a lot of people don’t ‘get’ blogs – they don’t understand what they are or why they are. I’m a ‘writer’ by profession, but it’s only since starting my blog that I’ve had the creative freedom to write what I like when I like without worrying about briefs and angles and stakeholders and editorial direction. I relish that.

  • I love woogsworld explanation re a running commentary of her brain. That kind of explains my take on my own blog at times. In saying that, I think blogging is writing, in a more personal way. Of course, it matters not what you think as long as you’re happy doing what you do! x

  • Julie @ Off to the park

    Such an interesting read, I loved hearing everyone’s contributions. I started my blog to record special moments with my children, my journey as a mummy, along with my thoughts and ideas. It was also a way for me to maintain my writing and up-skill myself with new technology while I’m not working. I’d love to be a paid writer one day, but for now I’ll settle as a blogger who likes to write. 🙂

  • Denise Mooney

    Such an interesting post Josefa. I loved reading the different bloggers’ takes on this. I’ve always been of the view that a writer is someone who writes, so a blogger is a writer. There’s a difference between writing professionally, journalism etc but still, it’s all writing!

  • Mark Downey, Fullhalfglass

    I’m just a broken down old hack who bangs away at a keyboard. At this stage I feel as if I cannot call myself either a blogger or a writer – I’m more like a work in progress.

    Thanks for the super thought provoking post.

  • As I wrote on my blog post yetserday, “Why I Write” – I’m a writer. Blogging just happens to be the vehicle I am using at the present time 🙂

  • What a beautiful post! I love the running analogy. Thanks for putting all these incredible bloggers together (including yourself, of course!). x

  • TeganMC

    I absolutely think you can be both, but like I said on Facebook, I don’t think writing a blog automatically makes you a writer in the traditional sense. I think that a blogger is so much more about the people you interact with, whereas a writer writes without that continuous commentary.

  • Very interesting I love the compilation of views on blogging vs writing

  • TwitchyCorner

    Fabulous topic, man I’d love to hear a conference panel on this one. I have my own perception of the distinction but they are a little contentious as they relate to quality or skill. Firstly, I mean NO disrespect to anyone at all (this would include myself anyway) but if I were to be brutal, the fact is anyone with an internet connection can start a blog. Technically that makes them a blogger but not necessarily a writer. Before anyone gets upset here, that of course also includes blogs which are more image- heavy, than word. Or 6yo style vloggers.

    Writers however, have honed some degree of skill and technique which resonates with readers. This is nebulous and difficult to define simply but is not confined to any format or platform. I like what Maxabella and Woogsie have said about the distinctions.

  • Such a great subject to discuss hun. Thank you so much for including my two cents worth 🙂 xx

  • What an interesting topic Josefa! I’ve been trying to figure out my stance since I read this post this morning. I know this: I feel thrilled when someone describes me as a writer alternatively to a blogger. For some reason being titled a blogger is cheaper, not as shiny even though I am proud to be a blogger. Writer or blogger, it’s still all about words and communicating so same same right?

  • Loved this post, I believe technically anyone that spends time writing down the written word is a writer of sorts, whether they are good and engaging is another thing…. All the ladies and blogs listed, as well as yourself are fantastic writers and bloggers. I follow you all avidly and I can only hope to be as good one day…….

  • Such an interesting topic. I love hearing everyone’s responses also. Thank you for asking the question. I see the differences and I hear the hearts behind the various responses above and below this comment. I would consider myself predominantly a blogger right now – but I am a blogger who writes on my blog. Writes about me and that which matters to me. I don’t have a blog that shares images or recipes. It is where I share my writing. But, for the most part it is not paid and it is informal, not requiring checks and balances. I write for a magazine too, but once again, I don’t get paid for it – almost all contributions in that magazine are voluntary, but it’s reach is now international because of the lack of overhead. Does that classify me as a writer or not? So many layers to this question. I think I have to stop, it’s doing my head in.

  • I agree with Jess, a writer is who you are…

  • Kathy www.yinyangmother.com

    I don’t like the labels, although I suspect I wouldn’t mind being called an ‘author’ one day, but really what is the real difference. I guess some blogs aren’t based on writing so much (eg food, fashion blogs are more about the recipes and images). Funny that when I used to be a journalist I never thought of myself as a writer (although it was TV) but even when I did freelance print writing I still thought of it as journalism. I just think it’s great that the internet gives us a vehicle to share our writing, ourselves and our problems/solutions with each other.

  • I am a writer because I love to write. I get paid to write away from my blog and write on my blog for free. It’s who I am, the skills I have and my passion. The blog is just the vehicle on which I write.

  • I love Danielle’s comments – i think she sums it up so perfectly.

  • It is interesting to read people’s comments. People should call themselves whatever they want. Blogger or writer.

  • I like both Danielle and Mrs Woog’s takes on this.
    I’m a bit self-conscious, but I didn’t feel like I could call myself a writer until I started writing for publications and websites other than my own.

  • Hayley Ashman

    Great topic! I certainly consider myself a writer. Mostly because I write and edit at KiKi & Tea rather than manage my own blog. Loving reading these responses.

  • PreschoolMummy

    Such an interestic blog post topic. Being very new to the blogging game, I’ve already found myself pondering this very question. Thanks for shining some light on the topic and sharing some varied views!

  • I love this!!! I was a little nervous to read it, especially with such awesome, fabulous woman giving their insights. I was nervous because I am a blogger, I love to share, I love to write, but I have never thought myself good enough to be called a writer. This has made me feel so much better. I am still a blogger but maybe a could be seen a little bit as a writer too xx

  • I think we write. A blog is the platform. Such as a novelist wrote a novel, a journalist writes in news, a blogger writes on a blog. It is just semantics. We write and we blog. These words are synonyms.

  • You know – I came here earlier this week, started typing a comment, and then discarded it because it wasn’t quite right (my thoughts weren’t quite in order!) But now I know what I think!

    I think that we are all writers – no question.

    But there is a difference in the doing – there is a difference between blogging (conversational … has an ongoing narrative) and writing (more one way, still has a narrative, but it is kept within the one story)


  • Just love how you put this post together. What insight too! I love the part about the label makers – it’s so true. I personally write to get stuff out of my head, and I blog to share what’s on my heart! Blessings. Visiting from Considering Grace through Weekend Rewind!

  • Monika Courtney

    I’m hoping it both, blogging is my experience of writing

  • MeganBlandford

    A really interesting post, Josefa. Thanks for sharing all those thoughts. I consider myself both a writer and a blogger I guess, and I’m proud of both titles.

  • I loved this Josefa! I also like what Kelly said about the difference in the doing. But I am a blogger and a writer and I see my blogging as a way of developing my writing skills.

  • LOVE*** I have laboured over this especially where the judgement of my father applies in a disappointingly disparaging sense. Now six years into it, always have known I could write, thank god that I blog.

  • What a wonderful post. I absolutely loved all the quotes mixed in with your thoughts on the topic. I haven’t really thought about it much. For me blogging is just a branch on the writer’s tree I suppose. Thanks for this!

  • I don’t think there’s a difference. I suppose if you are just posting recipes or instructions for making something without commentary then you are just a blogger but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that.

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