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Bunny Love

The week after PJ’s birthday, we were having a mid-afternoon snuggle on the couch.
“Did you have a good birthday?” I asked.
“Yes, it was awesome.” He paused. “But I didn’t like my presents.”
“Really?” I found this hard to believe. PJ does not leave things to chance. He dictates what he wants and words up his grandparents, aunts and uncles to make sure everything on his list gets a tick by the end of his birthday.

With his eyes cast low, bottom lip quivering a little, he whispered, “You didn’t buy me my dolphin.” Then the flood of tears came. Here we go again, I thought, as I cuddled him up, soothing him, and insisting that the minute I find a toy dolphin I would buy him one.

“But I want a real one!” He insisted, with more wailing and sobbing.

Mini Lop rabbit

PJ has been asking for a pet – since forever. We have four goldfish. For a little while, we had a tank full of snails. After our summer holiday, PJ has been asking relentlessly for a dolphin. He had worked out ways that we could keep it in our house, feed it and generally make a dolphin work as a pet in suburbia.

My heart broke for my little boy. “Maybe we could get a different pet?” I offered. Instantly, he stopped sobbing, sniffed back his tears and looked at me with his big hopeful eyes, “What can we get Mum, a horse?”

So the journey to find a pet began. Hubby and AJ both suffer from allergies – so immediately cats and dogs were struck off the list. Much to PJ’s disappointment, a horse and a dolphin were too. PJ wanted a pet that was warm and cuddly. That eliminated a whole category of pets. Then I had the idea of – a rabbit.

Mini Lop rabbit

My Google research began: breeds of rabbits, rabbit hutches, rabbits and allergies. With each search result I grew closer to believing that this might actually work. PJ grew more excited as each day passed and secretly, I did too. After a few weeks, we decided to do some research in the flesh and ventured out to a pet shop. With only half an hour to go to closing time, we found a pet shop. As fate would have it, they sold the breed of rabbit we were after, a Mini Lop. They sold the exact hutch I had decided on, and it was already assembled – no flat pack! So after many wide eyed pleas from PJ, we came home with our little rabbit.

It has been love ever since.

She is the perfect addition to our family. She has filled in a little piece of the puzzle – that I didn’t even realise was missing. Our whole family adore her. PJ is besotted by her. Her mischievous, playful spirit has really warmed the soul of our home. I am so glad we listened to the pleas of our little boy. Only the other night, hubby turned to me and said “I’m glad we have the rabbit. She makes PJ so happy; it is like he is a completely different boy since we got her.”

Mini Lop rabbit

So we are now a family of four; plus four goldfish and one rabbit. A rabbit who has all of us wrapped around her floppy little ear. I almost feel like a new mummy all over again.

Do you have any pets?

  • Sophie Allen

    Oh my! That is a gorgeous rabbit! Great at posing too, always appreciated! We have debated the rabbit issue for many years, and as we tend to travel often I worry about who would look after it. We already spend a small fortune sending the dog off to Club K9 (yes seriously! (I know…) But there isn’t a club for rabbits! Sure would be cute though. How wonderful for PJ to have something to cuddly and look after. It is a bit of a shame about the dolphin though!

    • oh yes, she is an excellent poser! I follow her around with my camera now, not my boys 😀

  • Oh he is adorable! We have been thinking about getting a bunny too. We have two little goldfish. x

  • LydiaCLee

    We house sat once and the killer rabbit buried the guinea pigs alive one at time – we thought they were escaping and couldn’t find the whole. Then when 5 were gone, we realised what he was doing and dug them out – some had been under for 4 days!! Shallow breathing but alive. (hair falling off). We were secretly relieved when the rabbit did escape, but a neighbour returned him…kind of scarred me for life.

  • Kate

    Oh sweet! We just got two bunnies yesterday. Instant babysitters! My little three year old did not watch any television or play with any toys. Just hung around, and in, the hutch all day. He even sat in there and sang to them, ‘Away in a manger’, to help them settle. They were jumping in his lap before the end of the song. Enjoy that little bunny of yours. Time wasters, but cute time wasters!

    • oh PJ just adores her, kisses her all the time and can’t stop giving her cuddles x

  • Ohhhhh my goodness that bunny is adorable! We aren’t allowed to own bunnies here in Queensland but if we were oh you betcha we would get one to add to our 2 dogs, a cat, a parrot, chickens, rats, and a snake haha yes we love our animals around here! Hehe enjoy their beautiful snuggles! That bunny will be the best thing you ever did and a gorgeous companion!

  • Eek! He is so lovely. My bunny currently has pneumonia, would you believe, and is parked in a corner of my lounge room having oral antibiotics morning and night. That plus a dog and a cat and a fish… a veritable menagerie of fluffy cuteness (and WORK) around here! Enjoy the baby bunniness x

  • That is so sweet! And now a part of your family. Perfect! We have two dogs and a cat and a fighting fish. Miss 12 wants a pet for her birthday. She wanted a pig! Yes a pig. Unfortunately (not) we are not allowed to have a pig where we are, so we have decided on a rat. At first I was repulsed but then we met the sweetest little rat that my niece has. They are clean, friendly and love cuddles, so in 19 sleeps we will have a new family member too!

    • wow, don’t know if I could warm to a rat….but PJ always begs me for a fighting fish every time we are at the per shop….one day maybe x

  • Aww that is gorgeous! My daughter keeps asking for a pet too. I keep saying we go away for the weekend too often.Maybe a rabbit is a good option.

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    We have two staffies. I am not an animal lover but when K was battling with depression we were advised to look at getting an animal. We got Alfie – a whiie staffy – only he was lonely and dug up A’s garden something terrible. So I suggested getting him a friend and we landed up with Rosie – another staffy. They play so well together – yes sometimes they fight. They have both been neutured so no puppies to worry about. They made a huge difference in her life and I am so thankful I got over not wanting animals and got them. I will never be an animal lover and once they are gone we won’t be getting anymore but I have to be honest and say that when they do die, there will be tears – from me !

    Have the best day !


    • three staffies must be lots of work ~ but it is so different having animals in the house, almost couldn’t have it any other way once you do x

  • So sweet! We have dogs, hermit crabs and birds- too many pets. But they bring such love and warmth. And hopefully are teaching our boys responsibility. We once had a rabbit for a short time, and the loss was heartbreaking for our oldest. The terrible side of bringing more in to love.

    • I can’t even think about not having this little bunny, I’ll happily live in the fantasy that she will be with us forever x

  • Yellow_Dandy

    Just too cute!! I wish he could come to our place and see the dolphins that swim past daily. It is almost like having pet dolphins. x Karen #teamIBOT

  • she is a beautiful bunny! I know what you mean about your heart breaking. my son wants a dog SO BAD! hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to get him one. Not while we’re living in a unit tho 🙁 x

  • We have a tank of fish.
    Our little miss 4 has been asking for a pet too but I just had our 2nd baby so it will have to wait for a bit.

  • We have a dog, and fish. Rabbits were my thing as a child – but I went through a few, they can be fickle and very very hungry little things. They also frighten easy – I had one that got a fright only from a dog on a lead – it died two days later after fretting about it and not eating, even though the dog was no where near it!

    • oh, I am so worried that she will get frightened, we spent the first few weeks being so quiet and careful. As for the eating! for such a tiny thing it is non-stop!

  • BossyMummy

    We have a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog, who is a total princess. She is sitting outside with a melancholic look at the moment as since we have moved and are now in company housing, we can’t have her inside. She is friendly and loyal and such a central part to our family. Pets are amazing for kids. I love mini lops too – she is sooooooo cute 🙂 x

  • I’m a dog person. Love my dogs 🙂 Kimba Likes know lots about rabbits. Make sure you ask her if you have any questions. Rachelx

  • Grace

    That’s gorgeous! We don’t have a pet…yet. I can see the boys with a dog in a couple of years. But they have petted a few bunnies and love those too!

  • Aww that is so lovely. I am a dog person, but I won’t get one until the kids are old enough to help me with them! Enjoy the bunny, we had them as kids 🙂 x

  • She is beautiful!!! We had rabbits for a while, but they met an unfortunate end. 🙁
    I’d love to get my littlest a puppy, but I don’t see that happening

  • Meagan @ ciderinthesun

    Gahhh love the lop bunnies!!! We had a giant lop as kids, I mean giant!!! She is sooo small and cute!! Was going o get a bunny but I got my Princess Kitten Zöe instead..

  • Rach

    awww I had a bunny when I was little….she is precious sunshine xx

  • Loree

    I adore all the mini rabbits. My son has one at my parents’ house. His name is Billy. Now I;m thinking of getting him a hamster for our place.

  • Rina

    I am dying to get a pet for the boys but my husband is against the idea. We had bought them some fish in small tank each. They played with it, the fish died. Now I am thinking to get them a kitten. I would love to have a puppy but I am dog-phobic hiks 🙁 I think a bunny will make them happy too.

  • Kathy

    She is soooo cute. Sounds like you are just as thrilled as PJ.

  • Amy

    She is gorgeous! We added a black mini lop to our family a few weeks ago. He is only 10 and a half weeks old and we all love him.

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