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The Baby Items I Can’t Live Without

Pregnant with AJ and revelling in the idea that I was about to become a mum, I would spend so much time shopping and preparing. Overwhelmed by all the cute little baby clothes and toys it was a rare day when I would go out and not buy something for bub. Yet among the baby blue rompers and stuffed giraffes the one place that would leave me feeling like I absolutely needed to buy all the things was the baby aisle at the supermarket. I would stand there in awe of all the products I had to have. Sweet smelling lotions, shampoos, soaps and talc; it was baby shopping nirvana.

So when two babies grew up to be two mischievous little boys part of me dwelled in the nostalgia of shopping in that magical supermarket aisle. Yet another part of me had her feet firmly planted in reality and realised that some baby products I just can’t live without.

Like all of us, I am a time poor mummy, which means that the things I need to do for me are often the things that I have the least amount of time for; like washing my hair. Long showers with double washes and long conditions are left for the rare visits I have at the hairdresser. My fool proof shampoo is the Johnson and Johnson shampoo conditioner two in one. It leaves my hair squeaky clean, conditioned and smelling great. What is better? When we travel, we pack one bottle between the four of us.

I can’t live without baby oil. Who knew? I use it to easily take off temporary tattoos from all the places that PJ manages to adhere them to, whether it be his skin or around the house. Perfect for getting rid of stubborn face paint that has glued onto little faces after birthday parties.  And while I seem to be colouring my hair at home more and more these days, it is the perfect trick to get rid of excess hair colour from ears and odd spots I have managed to splash it on my face.

Talc, now truth be told, I never used talc with my little baby boys. It was always one nappy rash cream or another. But I do use talc for myself. Especially for summer and on days when I know those thighs are going to sweat and rub. I also think that there is no better way to hold onto that baby smell than with talc, maybe for that reason alone I will always have a small bottle in my vanity.

And the one thing I cannot live without and will always have on hand are baby wipes. I thank the day that wipes came into my life. Whether it be in my handbag, in the car, in a backpack or just sitting on our coffee table – we always have and always seem to need wipes. It is not just my boys that get into a sticky mess, I do too and love the way wipes manage to get hands clean, sauce off shirts and even shoes spick and polished just before stepping out. Never underestimate what a wipe can do.

What baby items can you not live without?

Essential Baby Items

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Disclosure: The Bay Items I Can’t Live Without was written in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson, for over 120 years mum’s have trusted J&J to help care for their little onesAll opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Loree

    I love wipes too; and the smell of baby talc. I wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas – just in case i don’t make it back here before the holidays.

  • LydiaCLee

    Nappies – to state the obvious! 😉

  • I can’t live without terry towelling nappies! I use them for every form of cleaning in the house. Who would have thought they would be so useful. x

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    I love that oil for getting rid of stubborn cradle cap. They may look like grease monkeys but it works and smells so much nicer than dousing your child in olive oil – which is something many have suggested to me.

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    I think wipes will always be required in this house long after the babies have grown up. They’re just too handy!

  • Kerry Santillo

    nappies and wipes and the dummy :))

  • Fiona


  • staceyshailer

    Definitely wipes, especially for cleaning the inside of the car windscreen!

  • To state the obvious – wipes and lots of them. I have used them myself many times. Also sudocrem that stuff is AMAZING

  • Diana O

    Wet wipes, they’re just so useful. I’d be lost without them

  • Di.

    Wipes, sometimes I think I use them more for my own messes than bubs 😉

  • Your Cheeky Monkey

    For my daughter I haven’t been able to live without burp cloths, muslins, her Cuski Baby Comforter, crazy amount of wipes, baby powder (the whole family uses this!), my carrier, and a nice gentle bedtime bath! thank you! Monique x

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    I’ve found my needs have decreased with each baby. With my first, I had to have #allthethings. With the twins, there were two of them so I needed #evenmorethings. By the time number 4 arrived I realized that we didn’t in fact even use #mostofthethings. Nappies, wipes and a woven wrap are my survival kit with number 5.

  • Karen Edwards

    Baby wipes are the best not only for nappy changes but great for my older kiddies too

  • The Plumbette

    I can’t live without Baby wipes too. I use them not only to clean my babies but to take off my make up if I’ve run out of make up wipes or need to clean a small spill. I also can’t live withou the Johnson and Johnson lavender baby bath and lotion. The smell is DIVINE and I honestly believe my girls sleep better having a bath in the stuff. Great Give away and I picked up some new tips. Thanks Josefa

  • Kasey

    Definitely wipes, but a dummy will save the day!

  • Mellie Jane

    Baby wipes they are fabulous for so many things and a must have

  • AParentingLife

    My must have baby item was a wrap or a sling. Carrying baby handsfree while hanging out the nappies was a godsend some days.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  • So glad I’m out of the baby phase I must say, but I couldn’t live without my Tizzie Hall book. Save Our Sleep. It certainly saved my sanity!

  • Lee-Anne Walker

    Like Jodi, I am relieved to be out of the baby phase… But having had 4 of the little treasures, I could not live without my playgroup friends – they preserved my sanity (and still do:)

  • marypreston

    Baby Skincare Wipes are a must. Not just for babies you know.

  • Kim m

    Baby wipes are awesome for everything, even cleaning stuborn marks off the floor so I look like a good housekeeper!!

  • Jessie Hay

    After 12 kids I can safely say that a lot of what is promoted as completely necessary isn’t- babies need our love more than things.
    For me personally my top picks and most used baby items are:
    1. Baby sling (sanity saver especially with older children to look after)
    2. Nappies and wipes (need I say more lol)
    3. Baby wraps- little babies especially quite often feel more secure when wrapped.
    4. Baby shampoo to help keep cradle cap at bay and because it smells nice!
    5. Onesies- I have always preferred simple and easy to put on clothes over fussy ones- after all when baby is screaming you just want to get the job done quickly 😉

  • I had this beautiful moisturiser for my littlest, cause she couldn’t use anything else, an d it was divine! Cannot for the life of me remember what it was called now, but I’m overwhelmed by the urge to go and by some just to smell it again 🙂

  • TeganMC

    Wipes are definitely on the top of my must have list. I even use them to give the table a quick clean when I have visitors. My mum still buys baby wipes and her *babies* are 14 and 25.

  • Karina Lee

    Nappies! To hold the poos and wees.

  • Sarah Travia

    Pawpaw ointment for sure, I use it for so many different things from rashes to cuts!

  • kookla123

    Wipes, paw paw cream, and detangling spray.

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Isn’t baby oil the best – who knew it was so versatile?

  • Laura Butler

    Baby wipes! I use them for everything!

  • A change mat, or towel or something I can throw down on a yukky surface if I have to randomly change baby somewhere I wasn’t expecting to, which happens too often I’m afraid! x

  • Kasey Evans

    Baby wipes, are so useful for many situations!

  • Melissa Jones

    Baby wipes. It’ll drive me crazy if I forget to take some when I hang out with kids.

  • Sarah Armstrong

    Baby wipes cause they are so handy and baby powder cause it’s smells sooooooo good

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    I cannot live without my fetal monitor, checking my babies heart beat each night eases my mind

  • spog777

    Johnson’s baby oil. Our little man has Cerebral palsy and I use it when I give him his massage to relax his little muscles

  • Wendy Sutcliffe

    Good quality baby wipes! Not the ones your fingernails go through!

  • Melissa o

    A quality carrier so you can take your baby to explore the world

  • April Jane

    Baby powder and rash cream, helps keep baby dry and comfortable

  • Benjamin T.

    My nephew’s lambie. Without it he will not rest, nap or sleep. Due to this it has acquired a rather odious odour, leading his Mum to buy a second replica lambie.

  • sapna

    I can not live with baby wipes – they are really life savers & can not imagine my life without them.

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    Baby Wipes. With four grubby kids, baby wipes get used in a variety of ways every day.

  • Katrina Corbett

    Good old baby wipes, they are handy for everything!

  • Michelle Gray

    Wipes, they can be used for so many things!

  • Lesley Needham

    I am a Mum and foster mum. For the last 10 years I have always had at least one child in nappies. At one point I had 4 in nappies at the same time. So for me Baby Wipes are a must. For bottoms, faces, cleaning up spills and wiping hands. I always have some in my bag, in the car and at home.

  • Julia Mason

    I love the Bedtime Baby Bath, its so relaxing for the both of us, and I love using it because it smells great!!!

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