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Labour the second time round – is it easier?

Pregnancy and labour go hand in hand with old wives tales. But while we may be able to dispel old ways to predict the sex of the baby, or labour inducing home therapies, is there any truth to labour being easier the second time round? A common perception is that a woman’s body will know what to do in a second labour and the whole experience will be easier than the first time.

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  • loree

    I wouldn’t know because I only have one kid but as stressed in your article, each pregnancy is different and so is each birth 🙂

  • For me it was easier and harder. Easier because I knew what was going to happen, harder because… I knew what was going to happen!!! x

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    My quickest labour was also my hardest – my fourth bub took less than two hours from the moment they broke my waters to start the induction process, but the syntocinon drip made the contractions very intense very quickly and I felt terribly out of control. Number five took about half an hour longer to arrive, but it was a much calmer, gentler experience.

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    My second was definitely easier but I think it had a whole lot to do with being induced with my first and having a very intense 4.5 hour labour. My body didn’t have a chance for any natural endorphins to kick in. It was intense from 5 minutes in after they’d administered the drugs.
    I had done some acupuncture prior to my 2nd labour and it really helped to focus my mind during the hard yakka and given that my body could plod along on it’s own accord I was able to do it all naturally and feel much more satisfied post birth. But I was lucky!

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