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My five-year-old asked me to stop posting on Facebook

The year was 2007 when I first opened my Facebook account. My son was six weeks old and in the weeks and years that followed my Facebook page was a rolling tribute to him. If he was snuggled on the couch eating his breakfast ‘snap’ photo taken and uploaded on Facebook. If he was asleep in bed hugging his teddy ‘snap’ photo taken and uploaded to Facebook.

By the time his baby brother came along sharing the lives of my children on social media was no longer something I thought about, it was instinct, a reflex even. If something cute happened, if a milestone was reached, there it was all unfolding on my Facebook.

Until one day it changed.

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  • Brilliant story, Josefa. It has definitely given me food for thought or added to what I’ve already been thinking. I too am one of those mums who posts every single cute photo on FB. I’ve tried to reel back, but I’m having trouble. Plus, there’s the blog. I think I may have mentioned this to you before, but I was pretty taken aback when news of my blog had infiltrated the girls’ day care. Now, some of the teachers and parents read my blog. This has forced me to think more carefully about what I post and write about my girls. My eldest is four and a half now and I can see her very soon becoming less keen on me posting about her on FB. Lord, what will I write about? 😉

    • Thank you Renee, I’m already quite savvy what I do and do not put on my public social media profiles – but PJ threw a curve ball with this one! As for what will you write about? Ahhh there in the challenge starts – follow your curiosity and you just might be surprised xx

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