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Conversations with My First Love

My body heavy with the fatigue of sleep. Yet, a part of me is awake, anticipating. With each moment, the anticipation grows. Falling deeper. With each moment, I beckon sleep to remain at bay. Wanting more. With each moment, the passion intensifies.

Long summer nights. Dark winter nights. Each memory etched the same way. Wrapped in my blankets, dim light barely filling the room, breathing in the intoxication of words that consume my imagination and paralyse my senses.

My first love has always been words. Pages upon pages of words.

Conversations with My First Love

I will never forget reading chapter six. Chapter six of To Kill A Mockingbird. I held my breath in fear and anticipation. The dark foreboding scene. The words played out like a movie in my mind.

“When Jem put his foot on the bottom step, the step squeaked. He stood still, then tried his weight by degrees. The step was silent. Jem skipped two steps, put his foot on the porch, heaved himself to it, and teetered a long moment. He regained his balance and dropped to his knees. He crawled to the window, raised his head and looked in. Then I saw the shadow.”

I have danced the dance of words my whole life. Back in the time of no internet and no mobile phones, the nights were reserved for escape into a paper world of romance, mystery and heart break. With each page, my eyes widened, my imagination ran wild and I believed. The characters, scenes, plots and stories were no longer just words on a page.

Conversations with My First Love

Anne of Green Gables – a gift from my godmother on my tenth birthday. My heart aches just thinking about that gift. In my world, Anne was real. She lived and breathed in Green Gables and I so desperately wanted to go there.

Meeting Josephine Alibrandi one summer, in Queensland. On holiday with my family, we went shopping and there she was, looking back at me from the cover of the newly published book. I walked down those streets with Josephine and laughed as her family gossiped about her misadventures to each other, thinking “It’s not just me!”

Wishing that Santa would bring me a Wishing Chair and truly believing that Hogwarts was real. Words have always been my first love. Something I cherish. Treasure.

Conversations with My First Love

Oh the conversations I would have if I could. The questions. The stories we could share. To spend a summer in the South. Dressed in velvet ball gowns and matching bonnets. To ride in carriages, and sip tea in the setting afternoon sun. Scarlett. She broke my heart and made me cry for a whole summer. Oh the things we could say.

The simplicity of some things in life make them unforgettable. The smell of a new born baby. A thunderstorm with rain pounding down on a tin roof. The crisp pages of a book. The clean new smell. The smooth texture of the cover. The weight in your hands as you hold on to it, grasping each word, turning each page.

Conversations with My First Love

Time changes us. Technology mocks us. Stories. Words. The connection that these make will always stay the same.

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  • Loree

    I have always been in love with words too. So many friends I have made through the books I have read. Anne was a favourite of mine too. She felt like a long lost friend. A kindred spirit who lived far away but, somehow, was always close by. Oh how books have made me sigh and weep and laugh … I really enjoyed this post Josefa.

    • I can’t even imagine my childhood without books, what wonderful memories to have xx

  • Lydia C Lee

    Love this idea, and plan to do it next time (I don’t have a hairdresser tho, so may have to get creative…) Just had a few things to distract me (overwhelm) this week….

  • Twitchy Corner

    Gorgeous, gorgeous post. I too loved words as a kid, have an entire Enid Blyton collection and only just found that exact copy of Anne of Green Gables in an Op Shop last month. I kidded myself I’d read something these holidays, but in actual fact, my holiday starts today 😉

  • Ange (school of mum)

    I love this post! I have read To Kill a Mocking Bird over 20 times. I love that book so much and reading was always my first love too. Complete with under the covers and a small light so I could read while my parents thought I was asleep.

    I hope to link up with you next week. What a great linky x

  • Sophie Allen

    I loved reading this Josefa, you have a beautiful way with words, you have me immersed everytime!

    Sorry mine is a few months old, I will be better next time I promise. xx

  • Beautiful. Words are amongst my first love. I will never forget certain books – every page forged in my mind. xx

  • Lovely Josefa. So beautiful. I always hope that my children will grasp the beauty of books. I would bury myself in them for days

    • I pray that my boys love books as much as I do, I surround them with books, so hopefully it works 😉

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I saw this on Colours of Sunset and thought I would write about how much I love reading and then came here and saw your post so decided that, due to time constraints this week, I would link up a old post. While I don’t mention it in the post, he definitely is my first love.
    Have the best day and thank you so much for organsing this linky – I LOVE linkies !!!

  • I love this Josefa, I know exactly how you feel about reading! I always say that when you love reading you’ll neve be bored. My husband is not a reader and freely admits to being jealous of those who read because we always have something to entertain us.

  • Vanessa Connor

    I love love love reading too. In fact I’ve read Anne Of Green Gables so many times I can remember the opening line and various parts right off the top of my head. Lovely post.

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Oh, Anne of Green Gables – how I still love that series to this day. I also loved L M Montgomery’s other books, particularly Emily of New Moon. Another orphan thrust upon an unwilling family yet winning them over with her charm and she grew to be a writer too. I suppose that’s why I thought a bit about being a writer when I was young, under the influence of the strong, ambitious young women in these books, plus Jo from Little Women as well. I missed the boat this month but I look forward to joining in with you next month Josefa!

    • the moment I finished reading Anne, I read Emily and fell in love all over again!

  • Rach

    I love this so much I have always been inlove with books and the ability to disappear into a new world but books alas are my second love and so I think I have to link up to let you know the first 🙂

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    Gorgeous photos! I love books.
    I hope that hard copy books live forever. I can see the convenience of E Books, but nothing can take the place of real turning pages …
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • I had that copy of Green Gables and I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird when I was in high school. My first love was probably words as well 🙂

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    I think the Judy Bloom books were the first ones that I really got into – not exactly great literature but very popular at the time. Later I developed a love for the classics and Pride and Prejudice is my all time favourite.

    Hopefully I’ll find the time to do a ‘first love’ post before your link closes xx

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    You must hate people like me in your linky !!!!! I’m so sorry – please delete link #7 – you should be able to see it in link #8 now !!
    Thank you so much for your patience !!!!

    • no trouble at all! I am truly appreciative that you took a time out to join in with the conversation – means so much to me – thank you xx

  • I also read all of Anne of Green Gables, and also another collection that I can’t believe I can’t remember, about a girl who lived under the stairs?! I was born and bred on a farm so spend HOURS a day reading. Reading and writing have always been my passion – I just found an entire book of stories I wrote at aged 10 – some are great! Emily @ Have a laugh on me

  • I think my first love was “Of Mice and Men”. We had to read it in high school. Deeply moving. It’s amazing what influence books have on us, even from those early years.

  • Rhianna

    Reading was such a big part of my growing up, it is hard to believe that I don’t do it all that often anymore, well except for blog reading.

  • Rita

    I always loved reading! I love discover new characters and their story… I didn’t make it for this link up. I’ll try next time.

  • Sarah – Just One More Chapter

    I love books. I have been wanting to get a kindle for a while but there is something about the feel of the paper being turned, the smell of a brand new book that I just love and cannot get enough of!

  • I read, and re-read, the Ann of Green Gables series so many times as a teenager. In fact I devoured any books I could get my hands on at that age! I remember my parents being constantly exasperated with me because they’d try to talk to me when I was reading only to be greeted with a dazed “What?” when their voices finally dragged me up from whatver book I was reading. Such a lovely feeling to be truly lost in a bok 🙂

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