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Conversations with Secrets

Tucked up in bed, late at night, he would ask “what are you doing?”
My answer was always the same “nothing.”

I wanted to hide beneath the covers and disappear under the guilt. If he didn’t know, if I didn’t tell him, then maybe I would feel like it wasn’t real. But my deceit was very real. My addiction even more so.

I am a candy crush addict. And I can’t play to save my life. So I buy my way through levels, buy up boosters and buy up lives. The temptation is too easy. The ease at which the question lingers at the end of another failed level, play on? Of course I want to play on! My friends are passing me on Facebook, leaving me in the dust cloud they leave behind, full of failure and disappointment. I can’t keep losing. It is crushing candy for goodness sake, no one fails at that!

So I cheat. It really isn’t something I even think about. I just close my eyes and click to play on. Constantly ticking over on my credit card are Facebook charges. I don’t even look at them. I’m too ashamed. No one knows my secret. After all, it has to be a secret. I can’t admit that I am a failure. A failure at a kid’s game.

The deceit worked. I paid and passed levels, slowly moving through the candy crush kingdom. Life was good. But the good times only lasted so long. A credit card statement left lying on our kitchen bench was my undoing. In the past ten years of our marriage, my husband has never questioned my spending. Never. But the repetition of Facebook charges on this statement caught his attention. Of course they did – there were so many of them!

“What’s this all about?” he asked.
I had no choice. I had to answer. I had to tell the truth.
“It is candy crush, when I get stuck I pay to get help.”

Conversations with Secrets

I felt like I had just confessed to a six month long affair. I felt sick. Dirty. Ashamed. I had never lied to my husband. Yet, here I stood in our kitchen, exposed, vulnerable and stripped bare. I had cheated on the love of my life, my soul mate – with candy crush. What was wrong with me?

He fell silent. Put down the statement. “This needs to stop.” That is all he said and walked away.

My world came shattering down. The vows I said ten years ago mocked. With my lies exposed. Every level I had passed felt insignificant. The thrill of winning was now an empty gaping black hole. Dancing in my head were candies, laughing and mocking me. Pitch forks in hand, dancing around a fire, with me in the middle, held at the stake.

I had sold my soul to candy crush.

The road to recovery has been slow. I have no will power to delete the game. I just can’t. I want to keep winning. I want to reach the end. If wish I had the strength to just get rid of it. Cut all ties. Abandon the addiction. But I am weak. I still lust the adrenalin of passing another level, getting that sugar crush and watching the fish swim across my screen.

But the payments have stopped. No more bought levels, boosters or lives. Even if it means I never pass another level again. Candy crush is now a level playing field. And so is my marriage.

What secrets do you hide?
Are you a candy crush cheat?

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  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Ahh the sweet seduction of candy crush. I can’t say I’ve every played it. I stay away from those games because I easily become addicted to them. If anyone mentions the word Farmville, I hang my head in shame! Poor you. It must have been a tough moment. Good to see you’re on you way to getting clean 😉

  • Pip (@melbournelass)

    haha ‘This has to stop’. Oh the shame. You know I’ve never tried certain illicit drugs and candy crush is one of them. I applaud you for making the game of candy crush appear so dramatic. I’m so so relieved you managed to break through this addiction – delete the game, as what’s the point – never going to use it again right ;)??

  • Oh no! I’m not an addict – I’ve played it a few times on my mum’s computer when she comes down to visit, but that’s about it. I can see how it would become addictive though, which is exactly why I haven’t downloaded it! I used to be like that with online Scrabble, of all things. The thrill of finding a seven-letter word!
    Thanks for hosting Conversations with Secrets.

  • Loree

    I started to play it but then it bored me, having to wait for friends to help you get to the next level. I was a bit of a Zuma addict at one point though. I would try to beat my boss but he’s single and has nothing to do in the evenings. I soon gave that up.

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    Oh this makes me so glad I haven’t succumbed to the Candy Crush lure despite the gazillion requests my friends keep sending me! Glad you were able to rein it in!

  • I haven’t ever played Candy Crush, but I know a lot of my friends get addicted to it.

  • I have never played candy crush and never will. I think it is the result of the world we live in. Everything so readily available, at our fingertips with the click of the button. Gambling particularly, people who had will power to stay away from the TAB or the pokies can now switch on the iphone or laptop and get sucked in. It’s sad.
    I hope you are okay Josefa, delete that damn app hun! Do it! xxx

  • I played candy crush for a few days until I couldn’t get past a level and then gave up. Didn’t occur to me to pay to play on. Glad you have your addiction under control.

  • Rach

    awww sunshine- thank goodness I didn’t know you could pay to advance levels…I empathise with your addiction and offer you support to get through this difficult time xxx

  • I got addicted while trying to keep myself awake feeding my baby. Im over it now do not even want to open it but it is still on my phone. This is actually a brave post as Im
    guessing those words from your husband really hit you. There should be a health
    warning with this game! Candy crush anyomous, ! Love the drama and feeling in your writing.

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